The IQ/Smarts Poll

I was wandering this site, and thought that we needed a different kind of poll. Rather than the age/interests/music/gmail, ect polls, I figured I would post a “brains” poll. As you can’t vote for others, it will probably end up with many people in the “smart as a whip” category, but I figured it would be fun anyway. Personally, I am ranking myself as “rather dumb”. For all of you who hate overdone polls, pls note that I used the “Glorious Search Function” multiple times to ensure I was not reposting anothers idea.

I voted a glorious AVERAGE!!!
I like to claim that my IQ is 70+70i, (worth about the same as the average of 100, but not oriented the same way) but I tend to hang out with non-math-geeks so it falls flat. Hrm… making jokes nobody gets is probably a sign of the dumbs…

Note on doing IQ tests…

Internet tests are almost never accurate, the only way to see any accuracy and consistency in an IQ test is one done by a licensed physician in a physical setting, believe in and gloat about the scores you get in internet tests at your own peril.

I actually have taken IQ tests the way they are designed to be taken (see above), I generally scored pretty well, though it’s not exactly the same when my writing abilities get tested :wink:

I did not vote in your poll. You see, sometimes I feel smart as a whip, and other times dumber than a brick. I have no idea as what you may mean as average as I have no clue to the curve that you may be using. It is unfortunate that multiple choices are not allowed.
By the way, how would you “rate” yourself? (One more time…)

I feel smart in a few sections, like art, computers, design.
But overall i’m a rather dumb person.

I picked average. I am quite intelligent but not very much gifted. Other than with music.

Smart as a whip… Whips aren’t actually that clever. :wink:

Anyway, I’m not voting; I once took an internet IQ test and I got 138. I took part in another one and got 80. I don’t know…

i tried taking an AQ test just because. i ranked 16.

“IQ So Low, You Have To Dig For It”
I must be if I’ve bothered to read this thread

You know people, it was really meant to be fun, rather than statisticall…

Ahem Did you mean statistical?
At any rate, polls by their very nature are statistical. What else would be the reason for a percentile graphic at the top of the post? I don’t think trying to rate yourself amongst your peers is fun at all. It would seem to me to be a form of egoism more than anything else. If you would like to, go take the test at and see how you do.

I should have said scientific. And I was in NO way trying to compare people… Since it isn’t scientific, it wouldn’t have been a good comparison anyway. I will take the mensa test and post my results here.

Edit: Oh my lands, that was hard. @Pixelmass, if you wanted to take me down a step, you certainly did. I think I need to revote in the lowest category due to the fact that I don’t think I got even 1 of the scrambled/circular ones. 14/30… :smiley:

Oh no, it was not my intent to take anyone down! I was only pointing out that there are many ways to judge oneself’s knowledge. Sometimes it may be useful to have a mirror to look into though… . Whatever you see while gazing is up to you to decide. Remember, you are your own worst critic! :slight_smile:

I didn’t think you were trying to take me down. However, as your last sentence says, I am my own worst critic!, so I did take myself down a knotch… :slight_smile:

If I have learned anything from this, I don’t think my IQ is in the top 2%, high enough to join MENSA (According to their site)… :smiley:

And I did mean statistical… :wink:

… Killjoy.

oh, and, my I.Q. is 156. i put smart as a whip. lol whips aren’t actually smart, they’re just extremely fast. like me.

not to brag or anything…

IQ tests are very subjective and the result varies a lot. They serve mostly for bragging rights.

For example a person who has taken many IQ tests will be more trained in recognizing patterns specific to the questions asked in those tests and thus score higher compared to someone doing this for the first time.

A person well-versed in the works of shakespeare is not smarter than someone who knows all about the “Star Trek” tv series. There are many ways in which people choose to occupy their time.

My point exactly… :rolleyes:

I’m a dumb person. The ratio between knowledge I have to the knowledge I need is like 1 to 100, so I think I’m pretty dumb :stuck_out_tongue: I have so much more to learn and discover.