The Island and the shark!


I’m trying to make a scene in blender but I think I get into a very difficult one,
what I want is to show outside the water and inside the water and I don’t know how to make this effect, how to make the water surface and how to make the underwater, here you have the scene without water…

I hope you can help me!!


It looks awesome! To make water you can use this or this tut. Instead of using EnvMap use RayMirror.
To make the underwater just make land below and paint it blue.

I like what you have so far looks good.
I have done a picture with similar effects (I think) as you describe.
The underwater and above water are rendered separately and composted together with Gimp at the waterline. The water is two surfaces separated a small distance. The top surface reflects the sky the lower reflects the seabed. play with the camera clip setting to fine tune the waterline. Search for underwater lighting for tips on mist setting and light colors. I like underwater pictures and hope to see some progress with this I like your concept.

I still don’t know how to do the water but I did something interesting, you can see my progress here:

I don’t like the underwater part neither the sky, what would you do to make the underwater better?

I don’t know if showing the floor is a good idea cause in the middle of Atlantic it is at 5000m below the water… :smiley: