The Island City | My playground Scene :D

Hi guys! I wanna how you some of my tests on BGE/UPBGE. Everything made by me (including the GLSL shaders).:smiley:Screenshots:


Edit: Newest post:

I hope you guys enjoy! :smiley:

This is AWESOME! Good work man! Although, either have all signs in English or in Portuguese, but not in both! Otherwise, it is incredible!!!

I’ve told you elsewhere, but yes, good stuff. The future is looking bright for UPBGE?

Looks great but lay off on the DOF a bit.

Dude this is Freaking AMAZING awesome Awesome stuff Bro !!!
I cant wait tooo see more this is soo amazing.

Its nice to finally see more tests and work done on UPBGE im stumbling abit but i’ll be fine next year !!!

Dude your work is awesome please keep it up i’d like to see more pls.


Thanks you guys for the feedbacks! I appreciate it a lot! I’ll keep showing my tests here! :smiley:

Oh boy, do i hear an A+TItle coming soon from the (UP)bge?
Would be great to see.

Great job!

The LOD trees popping are pretty distracting, but other than that, it looks really good!

Like SterlingRoth said, also LOD’s of that magnitude at that distance are not necessary.

it looks good, but there seems to be no logic in it…the trick to game design is the balance…I COULD make Myrlea look way better, but would it have any decent logic behind it?..with that being said, this is obviously beautiful, I would like to see if you do anything with it…it is very nice looking.

Interesting and attractive work, a lot of DOF, but I like the test; on the other hand:

OUCH! :eek:

Maybe this is the logic:


Thank you guys for the feedbacks!

The main purpose behind this scene was make a benchmark to see the real capability of the Blender Game Engine to provide good graphics (or at least, handle a high poly scene with tons of textures and modern GLSL shaders) and measure my capability to create something realistic (I’m most a cartoon style artist now, I don’t play with realism for a long time). I also use this scene to practice my GLSL and Python programming skills (doing optimizations).

My work was published on Blender Nation!
Take a look! :smiley:

Ok, that seems feesible,I hope I did not come off too harsh…I just did not understand the purpose…keep it up then! :slight_smile:

reminds me of test drive unlimited 2 :yes:

reminds me of test drive unlimited 2:yes:

Hi guys! :smiley:

I made another Scene to practice my Asset creation (Modeling and Texturization), Level and Environment Design and my GLSL Shader Programming Skills. I created every model in the scene. The diffuse Textures is from

I didn’t add any kind of Optimization, like Level of Detail, LOD Bias, etc. Every objects (except grass) are static and this scene have more than 120mb of textures. The main focus of this scene wasn’t create a Game, but practice the skills that I mentioned before. And yes, I programmed a FPS controller just to have fun walking throught the scene :smiley:

I pretend to create more things (videos) with this scene, but I’ll not do spoilers of what I’ll gonna do yet.

This is a small video that I made walking and running throught the scene:

I’m planning to post a larger walkthrough later.

And there is some pics of the scene:

Made with: UPBGE 0.2.3

By: Guilherme Teres Nunes

I hope you enjoy! :smiley:

I think you should either take away the DOF or limit it because it is washing out the look of the scene

Guys, I’m on BlenderNation again! :smiley:

Looks great keep workin on it it will turn out to be a great game ey …

Really impressed :smiley: