The Island [Survival Game] - new updates

Call for collaboration

Hey, do you want to help me to make this game even more awesome?
Here are simple things you can do:
I need help with modeling and texturing, mainly items.
If you are interested please write a post, and I´ll find something for you to contribute.
You will be named later for sure :D.
Hope this can evolve into something a little bigger than one persons dream and finally we can get a great game from the BGE.

Hi I got inspired to create my own survival game, where you are stranded on an island.
I´m working on the mechanics right now.
What I have done:

-Tree cutting
-Rabbits with Ragdoll
-Day & Night cycle (still needs adjustments)
-Underwater concept
-Intro Cutscene
-Building System (beginning)
-Object Grabbing

Ragdolls and Grabbing

Building System Tutorial:

Building System Showcase:

Newest Updates:


and some Screens:

Little Fun video:

Lighting Tutorial:

Rain Tutorial:

Hope you like it. I would appreciate feedback.

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It looks very nice, if a bit generic.
The minecraft-logic being presented seems a little out of place. Maybe a little more depth to the crafting? Smack a big rock with a small rock to chip away an edge and make a Sharp Rock, which you tie to the stick with sinue (? spell check doesn’t even know how to handle that one!) taken from the rabbit. That would make something that could cut through a tree :wink:

Hm yeah that sounds nice, but very difficult and for now way to far over the top. But I´ve planned to make it something like that. So you need a knive to cut off the rabbits fur and then roast it on the fire…

Great job mate

Amazing! I love survival games like this! Can I play it now?:slight_smile:

5 stars- that’s what I think!:slight_smile:

Haha thx. Still pre-pre-Alpha, so you can´t play it right now. But maybe I´ll release a very early test version to find bugs and get some feedback.

Looks promising, good luck with this!

good idea lighting very nice Throw the rock distance to bunny it is very gooooood

good idea lighting very nice Throw the rock distance to bunny it is very gooooood also Campfire

This made my day, 5 stars:D

Working on underwater mechnics, just for fun.

Now I only need a nice Shipwreck model :D. If anyone has one, please tell me.

Well… I might model it, if I would have time…

i like it! Do you use any shader?

No, only mist, a sunlamp with textures and 2d filters. Any idea on how I could create light rays from the surface?

Are the caustics animated? Looks pretty good!

Yep they are moving, but not deforming for now.

I wonder if you could get a system working to get realtime waves system, and the martinish shaders running together without too high logic?

Maybe only process,the water close enough…

Yeah, for now I will use animated textures for the waves, cause martinsh´s shader is running too slow. But if you come up with something, feel free to tell me.