The Italian Job

Admin: Hope i have the right thread! :expressionless:

I just recently posted on how to get mirrors and all so i decided to trash my Cops: Hot Pursuit project and try a project with mirrors. Here it is after the first 2 hours -

As you can see it is a little dull and needs some things in it. The question is what should i add? I am going to obviously add my Mini Cooper to the curb but i can’t think off other things to add to the city street. The scene is obviously infront of a business so no grafitti or scrapped cars but i need some ideas on low poly minor details and any critics on textures and what not! Any critisism i treat more than fairly so give it to me strait…

I’ll keep updating my project if i see any interest in this project. :wink:

Lets see, maybe add…

-manhole cover?
-road construction?

Any of those you like?[/list]

i was thinking of a bus stop, lamp pole, i had thought of a manhole and taped off signs but i figured it might take away from the car and reflections themselves. :frowning:

Thanks anyway for responding. I was sort of hoping someone could post a few quick renders or pics of the objects to add so i have something to model after. After giving it thought i decided i had a list of things i wanted to add but needed some visual aid (don’t have much imagination) in the form of pics. Here is the list:

Ash Tray Canaster
Bus Stop
Lamp Post
Door Way

Mini Cooper - This i will probably just freehand then import as background and profile it then make it 3D or just start from scratch till it looks someting of a Cooper. I might add some trash along the curb or something just for effect and a particle system for weeds along the bus stop or something.

i am no good with human models so pedestrian are definetly impossible but i might be able to make a pigeon or something.

I am always striving for realism: what do you think of the textures and shapes? No one has ever posted concerning them and since it my third real project i figured that i should step them up a notch! What you think of them?

Like is said before criticism is always well excepted! :wink:

Like i promised here is a quick update for anyone interested in this project.

The vertice count is now 2368 and face count is now 2372. I have adjusted the lighting and world scenery to a more sunset or sunrise ambiance. I added a park bench like suggested (thanks Blackwing!). I kept with my idea of a bus stop and incorporated the sign next to the bench. The builing needed a doorway and doors so i added those and an ash tray canastar was added to the scene.

I tried using a particle system for the weeds by the sign but it didn’t look like weeds but more like a glowing streamer. I have the python plugin for Fiber 2.03 but don’t know how to use it. If anyone can give me a tut, a link or a post on how to use this for my particular need or how to make a better particle system for a simple (<5) shoot weed please don’t hesitate.

Again nobody has mentioned the textures and i don’t know what to think of them. I don’t whether they are good, bad, or even awful! A little feedback would be great - even negative critics!!!

I next start on the pigeon and car as suggested. I am considering a new tunnel throughway in the right side of the picture by making it 3D instead of just textured. I would rather know whether it is worth the time or just leave it as is?

Does anyone have any more suggestions? :wink:

Again as promised i would make the car and here is what my project looks like so far :

I made the car in layer two and then moved to layer one after mirroring the other side of the vehicle.

It is my first project involving a car or any model for that matter. It is turning out easier than i anticipated. What do you all think? Any pointers or tips? :wink:

Just another quick update to my project.

The car is almost completed. Windows, headlights, bumpers, rear lights, grill, and mirrors are that have to be added. They too will be chromed. I made the car in a chocolate color if any one would like to see it in any other color please just say the word! :wink:

Here is another view of the Italian Job.

This is an almost completed “job”. All that is left is the fine tuning, adding mirrors, tail pipe, bumpers, and license plate. It should be done within a day. :smiley:

I render the car in any color you should desire and post it as a link so please give me the colors you would like to see. When finished i will take profile pics of just the car for those who would like to see the mesh and how it was made.

Please tell me of any textures that need adjustment so i can tune them before i make the final render. :wink:

Nice but the car looks nothing like the cars from the movie.

you should add maybe an lamp post and a newspaper thingie.
Also some more street signs.

Sure i was going to do that - i thought the streets a little too bare so i was going to add a newspaper rack to the side of the bench and a lamp post just outside the left hand of the picture.

If you could elaborate on the “it looks too much like the car from the movie.” What should i change to make it better?

Thanks for actually responding to the thread: thought for a sec there it was all awful and didn’t diserve even a reply. :smiley:

Any other suggestions? Textures? Lighting? Colors? Modeling? :wink:

The Italian Job was a success thanks to all your comments and suggestions! Here is the link to the finished projects page that the final pictures are located -

Thanks again for all the help! :wink: