The Jan Which Project (Update First texture attempt @ PG 2)

Hi. This is my first attempt at a complex model. I have named (the soon to be) her Jan Which, though my friend protests and insists I call her Oreo :-? . (Like that’s gonna happen! :smiley: ) Anyway, I have been working on the head, as the body has not been really started yet. She still looks like a man. I havn’t taken the time to change that yet, but other than slimming the face and such, I think it’s almost done.

Something about it bugs me really bad and I can’t figure out what :-? . C&C are really appreciated! Thanks.


Yeah, something really bugs me about it to…like the point that I can’t see the picture…lol

Edit: NVM I can see it now…for some reason. Is it a man? Im confused…if so, then ummm great start. But if its suppose to be a women than it needs work. Its good modeling :smiley: You just need to tweak some things to change her appearance from…male…to female…lol. I would search on google or somewhere for some referenace pictures of a womans fave so you know what needs to be fixed. But she could always be like a … manly woman …lol :wink:

Lol. Well, right now, she is modeled to a reference pic of a man. Once I have the face looking good, I am going to change several things (ie slim the jaw and face, raise the corners of the eyes, make the lips fuller, make the nose smaller, etc.).


very nice. to make it less masculine:
-round off the brow/forehead
-cheekbones fuller and lower
-eyes slightly closer together and possibly lower
-mouth higher up toward nose

Nothing really wrong with the nose but i think it should be bit smaller…just my opinion :slight_smile:

How old is this “woman” supose to be. If she’s old it will be pretty convincing. If she’s supose to be younger Modron had some good suggestions. if she’s supose to be older take all of Mordon’s advice except about moving the mouth up.

Only thing I’d add to Modron’s suggestions is to lower the bridge on the nose a little, and mabey thin it up (just a little)… be sure not to go mikel jackson on us.

hey not bad at all :smiley:
The proportions are slightly off, but the effect is pleasing.
question: is first shot orthographic or perspective (looks perspective)
things that I note:
inner eye; tear duct area is huge.
nose is over large, strange shape
eyes slightly too far apart
eyes slightly too high in overall head proportion
ears a tad too low
lips thin (ok, but maybe a bit too thin)
ears look too far back in 3/4 view.
strange shape of mesh around chin and lower mouth

please post a shaded wire-frame, and show us an orthographic front and side view. then we can see proportions and mesh topology better.

Duh! I feel like an idiot %| . I had the camera set to perspective. Here are the same three shots (just without the eyes) and the wireframe. I slimmed the nose and made the lips fuller. I also rounded the head a little more.


:o This sounds very strange to me. Why don’t you model after a female reference pic in the first place??? That would be a lot more straight forward and not double work (creating male face + changing to female face).

Wow this guy looks exactly like my neighbor! Scary…
That’s a really nice model. What I don’t understand is why would you want to turn him into a woman?? It’s a perfectly good male head. I think the first renders with the thin lips and big nose looked even better, like a portrait of a real person and not just a made up CG model. Especially the mouth and chin area is well done.

Oh. Thank you very much :smiley: . Im going away for a few days, so I wont be able to update. Sorry. :frowning:


haha! now that I see the model without the camera distortion, I see the proportions are much, much better than I thought (perspective can really change things)
edit- by wireframe, I meant a screenshot or opengl render ( from the little render icon on the 3d view) in shaded wirefreme mode (turn on draw extra wire for the mesh) in either unsubsurfed or optimal mode, so we can clearly see the mesh topology. The rendered wire frame looks cool, but it is too busy to make a real judgment.
eyes: they need to have ~one eyewidth between them and ~1/2 eyewidth to either side of them. so either they are too small, or they are too far apart AND the head is too wide.
ears: ever so slightly low, but more importantly, still too close to the head (angle them out a bit more) and even more important way too far back. look at someone and compare the distance between the corner of their eye and the ear, your’s should be shorter. part of that is the ear is rotated a bit in the side view in your model, it should be more vertical.
A bit too much mass hanging in the back of the skull and top of the neck to the back and rear of the ears.
otherwise its good. the thin lips might be appropriate for a very old person.

Okay. Here are the screen shots inside Blender.

You can see the pic I have been using as a reference. According to it, the head, eyes, mouth, etc. are all in the right place. I changed the neck by adding more detail. When I change a little more, I will post some renders.


You should see this fellow through to completion! I really quite like him! Yes, I know it should be a she, but I really like this base for a male face. Perhaps you should keep this blend around, if it hasn’t been heavily edited already.

carefull with photographic reference; camera lenses distort the image based on distance and do not (typically) present anything close to an orthogonal view. If you know enough about the camera ( focal lenght, distance from subject) you can make a blender camera and use the background image for that. look at the front view for instance: the camera is making the ears look smaller and flatter because they’re further away. you’ve increased this more, and you’ve lowered the ears from the reference, probably to match the side view, which also has camera distortion, and may have a slight head tilt. So even though you’ve ‘matched’ the photograph, you are still off. The best way to take a picture is use a huge zoom lense and zoom in from really far away, this’ll flatten out the perspective the most, and still it isn’t perfect. But, using your knowledge of the distortion, correct human proportions, etc, you can allow for the differenses and adjust.
The mesh itself looks like it might give you headaches animating, but hard to tell in edit mode with all the verts visible.

I think I’m going to keep the final man as a mesh, then change it to a woman so I have another mesh. Then in any future works I have easy access to either sex. I have rounded the head a little and added detail to the neck, including the (get ready!) sternocleidomastoid muscles.

Anything else :-? ?


The neck looks a little funny where it meets the chest, kind of a lumpiness that shouldn’t be.

Also I think the upper corner of the ear is a little bit too sharp.

Really good work. Its farther than I’ve ever gotten on one of these.

I was getting a little frustrated with the head, so I put it aside. I began work on the arms about 4 days ago, and I think I am done with them.

Please tell me if you see something that is a little funky. Then it’s on to the legs!


The arms look really good. Some tweaking to smooth them out some wouldn’t hurt. The hands are very well done. Great job there.


Okay. I have been really workin late into the night(s) on this because I wanna get to texturing. I have pretty much finished the legs. If anyone sees something weird, please tell me so I can update. If no one says anything of 3 days, I’ll continue on to the torso.