The journey begins challenge: 4/2 update!

I’m working on a 3d version of a 2d character I created. He’s going to be used in an animation and a contest.
This is about 7 hours of work. I’m quite a bit slower than Mr. Bomb. I want to eventually get faster

Goals for project good topology for a biped character, a somewhat complex rig with forearm twisting and IK legs. Creating a good composition, and furthering my lighting and nodal exploration.

I entered the journey begins challenge!

Added feet, eyelids, and eyes.

this is pretty good.

my critics would b that his stomage look like as if it was going to fall off.

and his head dosn’t really go with the body beaus the body looks evil and the head looks like a cute thing :smiley:

also the legs are a bit weird on the front. it is like a bone stiking out the whole way

otherwise i really like the feets :slight_smile:

Fixed the issues. I want him to be fat and have a simple head. Added hands and reapplied mhSSSS, could use a bit more control. I’m working on creating seam placements and finishing up my final sketch. I also have to add nails.

Added nails, changed to a ramp shader for subtle lighting, and added two layers of procedurals. Also changed lighting.

Warky is heading out to find supplies to repair his home.

A high res render to see material and lighting updates. I’m going to have to use pale area lights to get the mood, and he has to be lit strongly to negate some fo the SSSS glow. I’m not sure how to unwrap him.

That is one of the most kickbutt models I’ve ever seen made with Blender. Excellent job! You also seemed to get the light to radiate from his skin in a completely realistic way. Can’t wait to see the final product.

Keep blending, man.

Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if you see anything wrong about him in the turnaround. I’m working on rigging him.

Also began working on the background.

Comment and crits are most appreciated.

i think the way his breasts and gut kind of sag could use some work, i think they could be pulled in closer to his body, with a deeper crease; they kind of stick out a little too much.

That is really cool.

The outside arch on the foot could use some work. It ends too closely to the little toe. Minor-and probably opinianated.


I’m not sure about UV’s if I did this right or not.

I’m not sure what to check for in the Uv test stage. Stretching? You can’t hide seems. I tried to put them in non major parts of the body.

What you have to do is make a very low detailed base texture that wont show a seam. Then add all your details well inside the lines so they are not on the edges. So when you wrap it the seams are not shown because there are none. Think of how a Frog is made with the white belly and all the bumps and details on top. You may have to take this same approch and where the seams are you can have little or no detail as it will show a line.

I was going to go that way texture wise. Just wasn’t sure if my layout was good or not. I’m improving it, I think. I’m place all of the nails next to their corresponding fingers or toes in the correct orientation. I want to have dirt on the tips of the finger nails and toe nails. I changed my mind, I will show the UV map, it came out really nice I think.
Btw what is an XSI style rig? And how do you engineer a reverse foot for foot roll? There are rather complex to do in Maya, not sure if its easier in blender.

Here is the UV test image I used. If someone needs it they can download it. I’m hosting the image.

despite the fact that 2.41 now comes with a built in test map :wink:

How do you access it?

BTW here’s a link to the CGtalk thread.


The UV Test grid is under the image menu. Click Image->New->UV Test Grid. You will get a picture of color squares. However, I still like the numbered squares approach myself.

I do as well. Its easier to tell what direction the UV’s are facing.
I modeled this in 3 hours. Still needs a lot of tweaking.

I’m setting up a reverse foot for the warky character. However all of the reverse feet rigs I have seen are for shoed characters. They don’t take into account that there are 4-5 toes (my character has 4). The two outer toes have the biggest role. The foot lands in a walkcycle on the little toe. The foot than lowers on the inner side to push off with the big toe. This isn’t seen with a shoe, but if your character is barefoot, its going to be seen. Any suggestion s on how to do this would be great! Hopefully tomorrow night I will have a new concept image up by the end of the week. This will show the character interaction with one and other. There are more than 2 characters, :wink: Also any good tutorials for painting skin textures would be a great resource. I have a read a few, but they don’t answer how to go about painting a skin. What areas ares supposed to be darker and different colors. This is information which would greatly help. If I find a source before anybody else does I will post it.