The Journey Begins Challenge

Some concept sketches, to put my image in my head on paper.
I think I’ll make an other animal for the caravan.


Every thousand year, the Krems have to send out a small group, on a
journey to find the rarest flower on the earth and bring back the pollen
from it. The pollen are kept in a machine that makes their town
completely invisible for everyone but the krems.

                                                                    / foCus

Thank you Author.

An other concept sketch of the caravan/waggon. What do you guys think ?

And started modelling


Here’s the poor little fellow.

Started on the house today.

That’s how far I’ve got.

C&C are more than welcome.

the head of the turtle look great. About the house: I dont know what your gonna add now, but it doesnt look to steady. You should put rope or something around the turtles belly, so the house wont fall off. And the toes of the turtle need some work too.

Thanks yoeri, if you’d looked on the concept sketch you’d see that he is going to have belts and stuff to make the house steady :). You’re absolutly right about the toes.

An other update:) Gave the caravan more character.


this is coming along very nicely!
The only suggestion I have is to make the turtle shell a seperate mesh from the body.
Good luck with the challenge!

Thanks for the advice soter:)

This is getting better and better :wink:

A few things I’d like to point out
*The “toe nails” (do turtle have them, or is it just me?) are stretched vertically
*The legs look like rag dolls. Maybe make them go into the shell in a more straight maner than a bend 90 degree thiner joint
*The texture on the vertical pannels of the home look stretched vertically
*You might want to close the area ,between the shells, between the front legs and the turtl’es neck
*The railing on the home gives it a “modern” feeling. MAybe model carved wood vertical bars.

thank you for the critics.

They don’t have tonails, but they do have claws. I think it looked nice with toenails, and yes you’re right about that they look stretched.

See what I can do with the legs.

don’t know what you mean about that the pannels are stretched vertically.

And last, I’m getting to them;) they are just temporary for now.

Worked on the shell. What do you think ?

Made the legs more natural, lowered the toenails and… hum that’s it I think.

pulls foot out of mouth Your shell already was a seperate mesh, wasn’t it? :expressionless: :smiley:
It’s looking great! I absolutely love your textures!

BTW, I think Slepnyrl (how do you pronounce that anyway??) was referring to the vertical planking that makes up the walls of the “mobile home”. :smiley:

Soter, the shell wasn’t a seperate mesh before you said that it would be easier that why, and thank you for that.

Yeah ok, but how on earth could you slepnyrl see that the planks are stretched from that image ?:stuck_out_tongue:

it’s pronouced Slep-nyr- L (sort of L sound like in LoL but only the L and very short its sort of optional in a way since its just some sort of guideline on how to pronouce the r or whatever…i’m droning off again…)

I saw the texture was stretched because the color of the wood is uniform in each plank. There are no vertical color variations. thats how I spotted it :smiley:

Can I call him finished ?

Coming along nicely :slight_smile:

Its been a while since I looked a a turtle shell, but I thought the tiling was kind of hexagonal?

also, from the 3/4 view the turtle looks really nice but from top it looks like it would be a little imbalanced? The legs look thin from top view, so it doesn’t really look like they could support a house :slight_smile:

the quality of your textures is nice

from what i remember, turtle legs are not quite so round, maybe that the problem with the slighly unnatural look of the leg in your model. try to stretch your legs a bit wider along a line and line it up with the curve of the shell.

In this site
you can see that the legs are a little bit stretched in a way that it can be held flat against the body.

The Tutrtle looks cool so far ! I think the Neck is a bit to long and you should probably take a look at the feats of the turtle. The don’t have knee’s but somehow the angle of the “knee” looks a bit to flat for me. But it’s a great start and i’m looking forward for more results.