The Journey Begins - Glaurung

Hello, this post is to announce and to give feedback in my entry at the cg contest, The Journey Begins.

Here you can view my work in progress.

As you can see, now i’m dealing mainly with modeling issues, and a “freezingless” particle system for the hair. There’s also another version of the scene, with some clouds from halo particles, which you can view below the main image.
This image above is the cloudy mountains, which i can’t achieve using Yafray because the Halo shader. I’m not sure about using clouds or not in my final image, and i can still add this later, compositing. In the CG thread you can view the Yafray rendered image with the Sky Dome method.

Hope you like it. The main subjects about the critics I’m waiting is hints to modeling heads consistently, and how come to life the space between the character and mountains lit by the morning sun.
But if come to you other things, say it also!
Thank you very much

Hey guys,

no more replies, please, I cannot read all of them…

Too boring is my work for which nobody can dedicate some words?
I will give my thanks to some can help me with some feedback.
thanks again

its very good. she looks sad… that was what you wanted right?? anyway you could have more hair on her. but i really liked it!=)

Hey nokirar,

thanks for the reply. I’m happy for it :-). Partially i want some sadness in his expression, the mountain challenges capabilities of the character, and he is not sure to reach the peak.

If you take a look at my thread in cg forums (link at my signature) you can note that the particle amount makes me headage. Now i cannot work on the contest but i think my image needs mainly three things: a better texturing of the middle plain of the mountain, a better lighting of the character and a better adjustement of the hair system.

I’ve not played enough, I think, with it, so i don’t have control over te maxdist, fallof and so options. Whenever i have some update i will post it. What do you think others apart nokirar?

You´ll need to make it more spectacular if you going to get some votes in cgtalk challange. Right now it’s very empty.

Thx bigbad,

you’re probably right. I’ve dealed with two options to achieve more “spectacular look”:

  • To add some lack of DOF (simply AKA DOF)
  • play with the hair to add more motion sense to scene (so more hair to add, as said by nokirar)My idea is to start with a very simple composition and add these things in a composition pass.
    As i’ve said I will post an update when i can, thanks again :slight_smile: