The Journey

I have been posting some images around the internet for a while now, and I am excited to finally put this in motion and share with the community!

  • What is The Journey?

A personal project that I am planning to work on for the next few months starting this May 2016.

  • What to expect from The Journey?

If you follow me you will be seing character posts every Monday and Thursday! In addition to that there will be WIP posts every now and then so you can help shape this baby up!

  • Is there a bigger picture here?

let’s just say I am not blindly doing this project with no goals. This is only a beginning that will help me help you, the community, by a future project that i am sure you will benefit greatly from!

So lets both enjoy this ride together!

I’d love to share this project alongside artists, get comments and feedback. Your feedback will help me better improve this project and help me shape the future project to better suit you!

(P.S. C&C always welcomed and encouraged on my posts)

TJ #010


Sounds interesting, man.
I’ll be following your progress.


Thanks guys, looking forward to your feedback!

Here is a view-port screen shot of TJ #000 (Basically this scene is my default sculpt scene)


Looks great

Thanks Kroiden :slight_smile:

Goooood Morning!

Here is how the default scene goes, there are 4 different custom made shaders for all my sculpts than can be tweaked if needed.

Furthermore there are lights set up in a way that can easily adjust to best suit the character in hand.

Every time a new sculpt is created, i simply copy paste the whole folder and save on a new name, this took a while to setup but will allow me to focus more on my sculpts in the future!


Great job!

I nice job!! Compliments!!

Thanks guys!

Here is TJ # 001 v03, thanks to some feedback online I was able to fix her clothes up!


Cool stuff!
I’m trying to figure out your project.
You’ll be modeling characters and then at some point you’ll turn this into a tutorial, a product or something like that, right?
Are you focusing on a specific style of characters? Are you going to take them further then sculpting? If yes, how much further? :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you put some thought into it, you’ve got something there but it is not quite that :slight_smile: I’d rather not talk about it in details for now so i’ll send you the idea in pm!

(I already sent you one x) )

Goooood Morning!

TJ #02 v01, I really enjoyed creating this character, took me around 3 hours i believe!


Only 3 hours!!! Very good job, I need to learn sculpting.

In 3 hours I can make… a cube xD
The question is… how can you apply the displacement texture so well just with 1 subdivission? I usually need all 6! (Yes, newbie here :D)

Thanks :slight_smile: And yeah man take a go at it!

ahahah that’s funny. Don’t worry about noob questions, it is because i am using dynotopo sculpting, the mesh is dense as is without the subsurface :slight_smile:

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