The Journeyman Project Fan Remake: The Mars Gantry


A few months ago I started a project to remake a classic Presto Studios’ game, “The Journeyman Project”. All the visuals are being rendered using Blender alone. A blog detailing work so far can be found at

Below is a render from the Mars environment; a gantry stretching over a canyon with bright sunlight hitting it. The scene is split into three render layers, with a reasonably small composite.

I would really appreciate comments on this shot, what you feel works or doesn’t work, and what can be done to improve the shot.

Many thanks,


The sun is pretty low in the shot but the lighting is pretty low. That is the light tubes you have in the image aren’t providing much light to the scene. You have to add some more interior lighting. I’m thinking the surfaces could be a bit more ‘softer’ that is the would accept light much easier. Turn the hardness down on them.

Try lighting the scene without the sun then add the sun in. As you’ve done with the light tubes one kind of easy way to fake that is to make the other surfaces glow a bit.

A couple other things. From what appears to be a seem in the door (where the door opens), the doors appear to open by sliding apart horizontally? In your model there is no where for the doors to go if they do that. You need to add some glass to your widows. This will pick up the reflections from inside the corridor.

The scene is pretty cool though good concept and harsh lighting is good too. If you have that though you need to turn the light tubes off. You could have them there but not functioning or you could add some ‘emergency’ lighting to the corridor depending on the story you’re trying to tell in your scene.