The Joy of Blender-40 USD an hour to host an instructional show

I should have $1000 left over from my Covid check.
I’d be willing to spend it all for a Show like The Joy of Painting but with Blender.

After the initial $1000 I’ll have $480 to $1080 a year to keep the show going and I’m sure we could do [LiberaPay]( Patreon but a non-profit) to pay for more episodes once it gets started.

I’m imagining it as a screen capture with you doing a voice over.

The show would be broken into ~1 hour segments that are released once a month.

This is part of The Order of Her Noodly Appendage’s Open Source Art fund.
You’ll have to release the item you make in the video under a AGPL compatible license.

TOoHNA is religious association in the process of incorporating.

P.S. if anyone wants to do the opening for the show I could spear $40-$60 to help compensate you for your time

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