The Judge

Back at my graphic background is copy and paste,but my character I did with blender.

this work is not for commercial purpose. I’m just learning composite technique…

did you design the suit yourself or is it something new in the comic? i havn’t seen it for a few years so i’m not upto speed on the latest.
i like the face, lots of charachter in his expression

I design the suit and the bike which is not in this picture. I use a late blender version due that RGB curve was taken out of open Gel render view port properties in newer released. Hope developers will integrate layers paint in blender.

There should be more detail in the body to match the face. either muscle or wrinkles in the clothing perhaps. also, I would suggest pulling his arms in more toward his body. and, I would back-light the ( his ) right side to match the left.

That is more of a realist approach in nature, I like the toon rendering I wanted a more comic look.

Used to read Judge Dredd when I was younger - fun to see a nice alternative to the costume! Would recommend darkening the visor so his eyes can’t be seen (and possibly adding the lightening bolt sheen as in the original comic) - always thought the thing that made Dredd more daunting was the fact you couldn’t see his eyes. That said, I appreciate you’re trying to do something different with the character. Lens flares tend to get a bit over-used as well - always tempting but try to steer away from default filters/settings and aim for lesser used/more subtle post effects.

I read the comic too it was fun and like the 1995 movie with Stallone version of Judge Dredd.If i make the visor darker there is no point making this art my work. An alternative of judge Dredd looks is needed.