The judge

As an art experiment that is one of three scenes I’ll do with the same theme: professions and professionals under the vision of normosis syndrome.
The first one: The judge.
Cycles + Gimp.

I must confess that I had to look up what “normosis syndrome” would be. But I think the scene matches that style of music quite well. And the texturing is very nice. I’m not a fan of the particle overlay, though.

I’m curious what the other professions will look like. Good to see you posting a new work, CC :slight_smile:

Hello minoribus, thanks for the comments :RocknRoll:
Normosis or Normose in Portuguese language is a very interesting topic and I think you’ll enjoy exploring it, although I believe there is not much material available in other languages but Portuguese or French.
My oldest daughter explored this theme in her final project and I became interested for it.

A small detail of the scene.

CC this seems to be one of the most bizarre themes you have ever explored. I had to Bing it and immediately noticed the third entry. Well I said that sounds interesting. : ) I’m interested in where this will take you and now us as spectators.


haha… ok.:stuck_out_tongue:
Good to know normosis became a popular theme out there. In fact that term was proposed by a brazilian and french authors, I guess.
Perhaps the next scene will be more funny and intriguing. A new uncommon professional

I fear this judge won’t be quite fair :smiley: Great work…