The Junk Shop


(Bart Veldhuizen) #61

You were featured in the Allegorithmic newsletter :scream:

(Alex Treviño) #62

:smiley: Now I understand the spike on my website. Thank you for telling me about it!

(Glassy Sound) #63

That’s awesome)

(Alex Treviño) #64

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

(Alex Treviño) #66

Thank you Robert! I’m glad you like these cartoony bulbs.

(Aotuhm) #67

I’d like to see a movie with this ambience :smiley: Awesome!

(Alex Treviño) #68

Thank you! I have in mind that. No this very scene, but another with this style.

(Aotuhm) #69

Looking forward to see it! Good luck

(Joseph F. Bielak) #70

Awesome work!

(Alex Treviño) #71

Thank you! Glad you like it!

(Arnold Montoya) #72

Esto es simplemente hermoso!!

(Alex Treviño) #73

Muchas gracias Arnold!! Estoy haciendo uno nuevo!! Espero también te guste!