The Jupiter Project

Hi All !

This is my version of Jupiter 2 which I have call it “The Jupiter project”
a reinvented concept from my favorites director Irwin Allen of the 60s series.this ship is very big in size,not like Dr.Who telephone box
So let skip the bla,bla,bla.
It was mech in Silo 1.4 and import into in blender as object not 3d file.
Some time later 2008, in youtube I will upload an animation sequence of The Jupiter project,Sea view 2025 and Inner time.But, I have to wait for the next release of blender 2.50 or 2.60 which will have more composite nodes goodies.I’m an Artist and I like sharing creativity with others,so I’m not looking to strike gold just to have fun with blender.

Sort of looks like the Evil Cousin of Irwin Allen’s Flying Sub :smiley: . I think the rotor assembly at the bottom should stand slightly proud of the main hull. It shouldn’t stick out like a coffee jar lid, but it should be just slightly below the hull.

Other than that, some of the geometry, especially around the bottom rotor and the top dome look kind of strange, like you have some missing faces or bad normals.

Its got some nice lines. Get some materials on it and get rendering!

Thank you for your input -Tea _ Monster.
Soon I will upload the flying sub and sea view.

It looks cool. I like it.