The King Is Dead... (Rendered in Cycles)

Modeled in Blender
Rendered in Cycles (~7hrs)
Time: ~2days with rendering

I know the model of the glass-skull isnt good, and especially the teeth suck, but its an old model and i didnt feel like model a new one :slight_smile:

By the way its the King of rock: Elvis!

Download in 1080p HD @


I did a cycles material test a bit like this! what with the skull and all the gold shiny things!
although I cheated and didn’t model the skull like you did.

I like your image, especially the cloth looks interesting :slight_smile:

But mine isnt about Cycles in the first point so i would like to hear more comments about the image itself :stuck_out_tongue:

The material for the skull looks too soft and shiny. I would use a straight diffuse material for the skull.

The skull is meant to be made of some kind of glass :slight_smile: