The Kitchen (from lighting challenge)

I started working on the second scene in the Lighting Challenge, The Kitchen. The models are all extremely basic and uninteresting and the scales are cartoony so it is pretty much impossible to turn something remotely photorealistic with this scene. So I thought of trying some extreme lighting and camera POV. This is where I am so far. I’ve just started texturing the objects.

Since this is still at an early stage, comments and suggestions are welcome.


Did you use internal or some other renderer?

Tha is internal renderer. Al the renders I posted recently for GSoC are using the internal renderer.

I love cartoon looks, so how about the render time, what´s your hardware its take too long to make a look like that…?

Nice work, but I think the metal piece in between the sink is a bit thick?

@andrepazleal: The render is not that long. About 10m on a P4 @2.33mHz. THe lighting setup uses AO.

@jesusfrk14: I did not model the scene. I took if from the Lighting Challenge. It is not only the metal piece that is too thick. About every pieces in this scene are too thick.

So here is the finished scene: