the Kitchen

everything modeled in Blender, 4 days with of work,
started Monday morning.


Hope you like, i still need to model the dishwasher, coffee pot, and toaster. knife set
(and a few pieces of mail to stick by the phone)

i know the wood textures aren’t right i just have two wood textures set for the whole scene… this is a wip…
BTW, everything modeled down to about +/- .25" inch. :wink:
tried to be as exact as i could.

hope you like. :wink:

Nice, but it’s lacking a woman.

Dude – with the exception of the textures, that is the exact design of the house I lived in a few years ago. Like Exact. Do you perhaps live in my old house?

LOL! they build lots of houses the same these days. :wink:
like the green garbage can? :stuck_out_tongue:
I added the phone and phone cord,(i spent way to much time on the phone) I just added a dining room table and chairs…, will be adding the chandelier soon…
I will post an update pic later… maybe i can get the textures better…

A little update(quick render) added the chair and table
changed the textures. :slight_smile: now it looks closer to what it is.
rendered it with only 5 samples thats why ii has noise… (just a quick render blender internal)

Please lower the reflectivity of the floor or blur the reflections, its really taking away from the image. Modelling looks very good!

yea the floor is way to shiny :P, thanks for the comments.
need to sleep :slight_smile:

Great, but the wood textures do not look good on the chairs and such. Try setting the mapping to “cube”

Much like my kitchen.

I like the whole idea and as others I have my suggestions:

  • your chairs (their “arc” details) looks like it were made with a bending method (but not the texture mapping!); actually it can be made from two or three peaces but usually (I have almost the same chair of “Vena” style - the old chair) this should be made with bending (using steam and some bending devices). Also (if you’ll decide to change the design a bit) the profiles of these parts should be round.

  • the light setup is pretty weak (IMHO). if you don’t know how to solve it - take a Lux or Cycles and you’ll save a lot of time.

  • Speculars on most of materials looks bad (dunno about the plastic though). Shelves are very reflective but it’s specular spots “speaks” something other. Choose “polished” or “matte” style then set high reflections (don’t forget about Fresnel) with just a bit of gloss OR set the reflections to minimum and set Gloss to about 0.85 - 0.9 (upper the samples when you’ll make the final render if you don’t want it grainy!)

  • “the floor is too reflective” - agree 100%. you can made it with some stylish Italian tiles or some planks

  • the walls “crave” for some easy wallpaper (some very tiny patterns, lines or dots) otherwise it looks boring.

Looks pretty good, but it seems like the kind of scene fit for Lux or Cycles. Other then that great job

Modeling seems like good, but maybe in the first image also the reflectivity of marble over the oven can be lowered a bit; another thing is the ceiling that is too much darker than the walls around, don’t know if is becouse of little samples or it has really a different color.