the kitchen

Blender 2.71
cycles 2k samples
just another archviz project

critics very much welcome. thanks

The rocks on the wall at the left side have something unrealistic, the three chairs look like if You were only applyed an array, too perfectly accommodated, in the ceiling were are 6 lamps togheter in the same square, the rows of three lamps are too separated, the ceiling is too well treated and the wooden beams look neglected and pasted in the ceiling, You can separate it from the ceiling and maybe there is more saturation of color than the necessary but this is such a complete scene. The material in the stove buttons and in the cabinets can be better. It is weird that a scene with sun outside have the artificial lights on.

Sorry if I wrote a lot, I am just trying to help

there are good parts and many bad ones:
-too many objects scattered every where with no purpose!
-the balance is broken too, the left is way much heavier than the right.
-the light are not explained, the table has white big light, the roof has many small yellow one which doesn’t lit any thing.

basically the composition is not good, you need to study how to organize objects and balance the scene.

but the objects individually are good.

there’s no need to apologize mate, we all grow and learn from constructive criticisms and lean to restitute perfection on seemingly destructive or even troll-ish ones.

I very much appreciate your comments, all of which will aid me more to improve more. I’m a 3d noob and have that tendency to get overwhelmed and overdo stuff, forgetting the basic elements of design…I should know, i studied it… we all did, and still do. Thanks for reminding me.

Thank you bat3a, much is appreciated. we all aim for perfection.
Comments like yours help noobs like me even strive and improve more. cheers