The Kitchen

This is a render made for a client who wanted a preview of his purchases (kitchen, table and chairs) inside his new house. I did not have any say about the materials, the kitchen model and distribution of space, just had to make a nice looking render.

Some specs:

Main render
Cycles render - 3500 x 2500 @ 600 samples (no post-prod)

Detail #1 (kitchen counter)
Cycles render - 3250 x 1250 @ 600 samples - minor post-prod in photoshop

Detail #2 (table)
Cycles render - 2000 x 3500 @ 600 samples - minor post-prod in photoshop


I like the renders, if You care, I think the stainless steel of the pots can be better but everithing else is ok to Me.

I really like the glasses - how did you make the material? Those little imperfections are very realistic.

For the glasses I followed some Andrew Price’s tutorial on concerning glass (check “Make a Beer in blender” for instance)…and I have to be honest, those little imperfections are absolutely random and unintented!!! They probably come from the large number of the glossy reflections/refractions in the room…but they were a pleasant surprise to me too!!!

I love the whole scene but juanrav is right. If you used a circular noise for a slight bump map (centering on the bottom) and tweaked the anisotropic shader options, it would vastly improve the scene. Also, the window is way too over-exposed (high contrast) and immediately draws attention to it and keeps the attention from other parts of the scene. That’s just my opinion though! Great work!

Very nice model and render.
Very realistic.