The Knife tool - add-ons, plugins or tips

I’ve used Blender 2.4x for a long time, and tried 2.55, and the knife tool was missing. At Blender workshop held recently in my city, I found the feature, but I find a vital aspect missing- I can’t cut a straight line, end to end, like I could in 2.4x.

Some other users have had the same problem, and were told about the Fake Knife addon. I’d like to know where I can get that tool, as also more tips on using the knife tool to good effect.

Currently, I have Blender 2.57 64-bit, on Windows 7.

The fake knife tool is an outdated and unmaintained addon. It won’t work in current versions of Blender. Like most other modeling tools, it is missing until the eventual arrival of a stable version of BMesh into trunk, at which point addon developers and maintainers will start showing up and giving new versions of Blender competent modeling tools again.

If you want a decent open source modeller with a full toolset right now:

This is (sort of) untrue - the script is not mainted by chromoly anymore, but it is maintained. I have it working in the current official release - get it here along with a lot of other chromoly scripts working in official 2.57:

(make sure you put the ‘modules’ folder in the addons folder with the other scripts or it won’t work)

Additionally, to use the default knife tool to cut a straight line, just select the polys you want to cut, hold down ‘k’, and then hit f6 and select midpoints - it’s not awesome on goofy cuts, but across straight lines it works.

Thanks for the tools.