The knife tool & hidden meshes

I’m modeling/reworking a rather complex object and I’m required to sometimes kut a line with the knife tool to allow me to enhance the topology & edge flow of my object.
This often requires me to hide a portion of the mesh that is obstructing my view or just annoying.

To make my life easyer I decide to hide that part of the mesh using H-key.
But now it seems that my knife tool is still snapping and selecting edges that are hidden. Now I can understand that editting the hidden mesh is usefull when adding edge loops. But I can’t properly edit my mesh because my knife keeps snapping to obstructing edges that aren’t even visible.

I can work around this by temporarily seperating the part of the mesh that I want to keep intact. But it’s kind of a hastle.

Is this the way the knife tool is supposed to work or is this a bug? And if it IS supposed to work like that, what are the proper ways of getting around this?

I’m using one of the latest blenderbuild builds of blender for windows.

It’s a bug, it has been reported but it is not yet fixed :

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on the bugtracker next time I find something like that.