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I’m having trouble getting eyes to fit into the sockets. When I create the eyes at the scale I think they should be and position them based on my mug-shot references, they stick out the side of the head and there’s a bunch of space between the eyeball and the inside corner.


Of course, I tried reshaping the eyelids/sockets to fit the eyeball, but the results are just completely wrong. If I move the eyeballs toward center, they fit the eyelids great but the lenses are too far center and look cross-eyed.


The only thing that seems to look right doesn’t make any sense at all: move the eyeballs toward center to fit the eyelids, and then rotate the eyes around z to point them OUT a bit so that the lenses are back in the center with respect to the eyelids.


And this actually looks pretty good. But eyes don’t point out! I feel like I’m taking crazy pillz :spin:!

Does anybody have any suggestions???


Since I’m modeling myself, I suppose there’s always the chance that my eyes ARE messed up and I never realized it, hahaha :eek:
But I think I would have known already if that were the case … right???
(I really hope the problem is my modeling skills or my anatomy knowledge, not my face :yes:)

I’d say shape the eye socket to fit the eyeball where it looks right. It seems to be a common step needed after adding eyeballs.

LoopyShane: I took your advance, and even though it wasn’t working for me when I tried it before, I was able to fit the sockets to the eyes this time.

I think I’m getting pretty close to being ready to texture the head and work on hair. Any comments or suggestions on the model first?

I’m spending so much time on this model, I’m thinking about starting another WIP thread for it, do a self-portrait, and then get back to The Lab…


Can anyone tell me why the back side of the head is white? :confused: Any help would be really appreciated!


Must be your uvs, when you set them, did you select from the front. Make sure the cube symbol to the right of the edge vertex face buttons is on or off (cant remember which) otherwise you arent selecting the verts at the back of the head

Hmmm… I don’t think that’s the case because if I select all and reset the UVs, the back is still white…


Oh, I got it; I only had the front half selected when I created the new UV group so the other vertices weren’t part of the group. I just deleted the UV group and remapped it; it wasn’t too much work.

(Maybe this is what tmcthree was talking about and I misunderstood.)

It looks like I somehow got into display mode that I don’t want to be in and I don’t know how to get out of it. The 3D view is overlaying a wireframe over my model even in Solid, Shaded, and Textured draw types. I think it happened while I was weight-painting. Anybody know how to turn this overlay off?


In the object buttons - draw panel - you probably have wire active for the draw extras.

Well one doesn’t like to say “I told you so”

That’s what I needed, thanks!

I’ve been working on my head model quite a bit and I’ve finally got it pretty close to where I think I want it. I think the resemblance is 80-90% there and I’m hoping that texturing it from photos of myself will bring it the rest of the way home.

At this point, before I really dive into texturing, I’d like to get some detailed critique of the topology and the overall model. (Maybe I should post this in the Focused Critique section as well?) All comments and criticism are welcome. What can I improve?

(I know the neck needs some work, especially where to tendons meet the sternum. It’s getting kind of tough to deal with tweaking vertexes in that area because there are so many in close proximity. I think it’s about time to switch over to the sculpting tool to work out those details. I need to do some research about how to use it).

I really want to develop solid modeling skills so I want this to be as perfect as I can get it. Thanks for looking!

It looks like I said similar things in a previous post about being “almost ready to texture” and then I actually did start texturing. Well I mean it this time! hehe :slight_smile: Actually, I refined the model a lot after shaving off my beard and taking new reference photos, and now I’m going to start over with the texturing now that I have better photos.


topology looks very good to me.

I think you could start sculpting now if you wanted. You might have a bit of trouble with the shoulder area because the polygons are so big when you subdivide you willhave far fewer polygons there than the rest of the model.

best person to ask about sculpting is Michaelw. Pm him, what he doesn’t know about sculpting isn’t worth knowing.

One thing you have to bear in mind when you are working from photos is that there will always be some distortion because of perspective.

When you model I assume that you work in orthographic view, which is correct. But obviously ther is no perspective in that view. Unless you have taken the picture from very far away, with a zoom lens, there will always be some perspective in the photo. Typically this will make the features of the face seem larger in relation to the head than they actually are.

Cool, thanks for the input!

Well, I haven’t posted in quite a while but I am still working on this. I am in the final stages of modeling the guy. Some things are bothering me about it overall but it’s the kind of stuff that would probably take too much of rework and far more tweaking (and I’ve already tweaked quite a bit). At this point, I think it’s better to call it finished soon and move on. Otherwise I’m going to be stuck on this project forever and I think I will learn more by finishing and moving on to new models rather than perfecting this one. It is my first model, after all :slight_smile:

Any crits are welcome; especially suggestions for improvement. (BTW, the boxers are just temporary so I don’t plan to fix anything on those).

I may adjust a couple more things. The main thing I’ll do as far as modeling is apply the mirror modifier and then get some asymmetry going.