The Labour Force

the Labour Force Project

last year I was working on a construction company, the place made me feel a bit depressed as everything look like a gradient of grays, the only color I could see was the orange, yellow and green from the people, tools and forklifts around.
I thought about showing the best from that place with a little vibe of sci-fi.

Panzer is a big Samoan worker, noble spirit but massive strength being able to complete any task with minimun effort.

Tank was the guy who is always busy glueing, screwing or using any power tool, that much that his entire hand was replaced with a multipurpose power joint.

Last but not least the ZYNK-R01D, who you can thrust more than a Soul less robot? the supervisor who is always worried to complete its goals no matter what.

Panzer and his mechalifter.

you can see the turnarounds/wireframe on my instagram