The Lamppost- inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia

I posted this in Finished Works a week or so ago, being it my first fully rendered/realised 3d scene. I’ve been using Blender for about two years or so now, mostly just having practiced for the majority of the time, so while this is still a finished and serious project, I realise it isn’t quite to the standard I want to reach (but then we have to start somewhere I suppose)

Any thoughts/suggestions as to how i could improve upon it would be greatly appreciated, as are any criticisms you might have.


First two things that come to mind:

  1. The trees could use a few more branches (and it looks like you only have one tree in the scene…
  2. If the ground is snow (which it looks like it is), then you should have some sort of visual explanation for why there’s a lamppost there (is there a road? Or is it some random lamppost just sticking out of the snow in the middle of the forest?

To add to lolwel21’s points, I think the scene has way too much light everywhere for the suggested context where there’s only one light.
The shadows also are a bit too light and the scene depth isn’t that well perceived.

Here are photographs and some CG that mimic snow at night, you can see what I’m talking about

Especially this.

Fair enough, thanks lads