The Last Dream

Hi, this is my last work with Blender.
I hope you like it!

modeled and rendered in Blender
color correction and final retouch in PS
background by le-scud (

:slight_smile: Thanks to the moderators for having added to the Featured Artwork :slight_smile:


wow - would love to see it bigger so i can make out all the details.



Outstanding work! :wink:

This is as screenshot of Blender


Amazing render. My only crit is the tree trunk (thanks to the follow-up pics you posted :slight_smile: ) which is blurred but the chair isn’t. It’s not too noticeable, just something that popped into my eye. I do like the chromatic aberration though, makes it look more photorealistic.

The image itself is astounding. Can you tell us a bit about the picture - inspiration etc? :slight_smile:

i love the bigger pictures, and the detail, like bits of dirt flying around and the volumetrics.

Thanks for the appreciation and sorry for my bad english!
I know, the picture is not perfect, maybe the blur you’ve noticed is part of the chromatic aberration, because can’t I used DOF in this work, anyway, congratulations for the attention to detail! :slight_smile:

I have always been fascinated by “flying rocks”, and after having enjoyed in modeling some of them, I decided to create something about a story …
The initial idea is very simple: an old man in the doorway of his last trip.
I made some hand-drawn sketch of the elements to be included to get an idea of the final composition and then, after modeling the main elements I added all the elements that served to enrich the result (the pollen, the flower, etc…)
The most complex part was the creation of clouds (dozens of tests…)
The light setup is very simple (and probably unrealistic), but is work for me.
The color correction and the final retouch is made in Photoshop because is more flexible than the Blender compositor node.
The background is an image to which I added the planet to balance the composition.
Also the book (and the pages which ideally link to the chair) was added for the balance.
That’s all… The rest is just trial and trial and trial…

Thanks again!


Bravo! Surreal, but not silly.
Five stars.

Thank you man!!

Great work! You should totally enter this in the Dreamscape Challenge! It looks like it would fit right in!

thanks, why not? … a good idea!
I’d be happy if it came in the gallery of blenderartist! :D:D


oh man… if it werent for the excessive chromatic aberration (aka lens distort) this would be the perfect image.

many thanks!..yes, maybe there’s a bit too much chromatic aberration, but I liked the surreal image distortion and dreamlike…but it is a matter of taste … ;-))


how long do things normally take to be put in the gallery?
oh - and im for the C-aberation

I don’t know … in the gallery are saying: “The art in this gallery is specially selected by our forum moderators. If you think your work belongs in this list, why not post it on our Finished Projects forum and maybe it will be selected!



Excellent work. This would make a great poster.

In fact, the original size is 60 x 90… and is not bad!


aww that’s awesome, I just noticed the guy chilling. Cool render.