The last leaf

Hi everybody. Here a tree creature concept I created using the sculpt mode and the node compositor.

WoW! Really nice!

Sometimes I don’t get why nobody answers… :eek:

I like that you didn’t humanize the tree too much. It really looks like an old gnarly tree out of a mystic forest.
However, there’s one thing I don’t understand: Is the bubbly thingy on her head some kind of hair? If so I’d try to sculpt some kind of streaks into it to make it look more like hair. Also, I like the clay render much more than the other one. Maybe you could give the shaders in the ferst render a bit more love, right now it looks a bit like a plastic model.

Sorry that I criticised that much, I just thought it might help for the next project. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice! I like how her hair seems to take on the same sort of texture as the tree and that her wings are the same brown. Makes her fit. In the first render, the leaf is almost not noticeable, even though it is the subject of the picture. It could be a bit more obvious.

Looks nice! To me the first image looks like a figurine from some fantasy themed comic :slight_smile:

Some things i noticed that sticks out for me (for the first image):
-Tree shoulder (mostly left of the woman) looks almost like a stretched texture compared to the rest of the tree detail.
-The wings looks strange, without the shadows they lose their origin and becomes something else if you look to close ^^.

  • Think the hair fits very well for a figurine :>
  • Don’t think the “smoke” is needed it just hides the leaf!

Sculpt looks very nice!

Thank you guys!
Your critics help me a lot to see what are the things to improve.
In the first image, the fantasy style is the mood I was looking for.
I agree with you when you say that hair are strange… perhaps too glossy