The last of us, Clicker bust.

Its my first proper attempt at a character, though i chose to do one that’s disfigured because I suck at human faces. I’m a big fan of the game and I hope I done it justice… Feedback would be nice :slight_smile:


disgusting. i sure would never bother to model something like that, let alone texture it.

anywya for someone who sucks at modelling human faces, i’d say you got the ears, and head shape/porportions right. only missing the eyes and noses now…

Of course he missed the eyes and the nose because this is a freaking clicker! Lol

yes i figured that much, just saying next time he wants to model a realistic human head he’s just going to have to focus on those two.

I improved this ages ago, but I never got round to posting it I don’t think.


Wow, this is amazing. It’s creepy to look at knowing that cordyceps is a real infection. Great work!

Eugh. Awesome!