The last of us

A character on which I have been working on. I´m on the texturing, Blender Internal for now:

And here is the scultping so far:

I think this monster isn’t intimidating enough due to faded emphasis on its muscles. Also, mind if I see the wires too?

Also, by the thread title alone, I was expecting your modeling rendition of Ellie from that game your title was based on.

First thank for your attention.

Well the title of the image may lead to confusion but it has nothing to do with the videogame. This is just the main character for a short animation film that one day I will like to accomplish. The idea is no to make him intimidating instead of giving him some sort of human feeling. Which will be better understood when I design his clothes.

Here´s a short video with the evolution of creature sculting. Sorry for the low quality Youtube has destroyed color grading:

Unthough texturing is not complete, and I haven´t started clothing. I´m making some tests with the materials in cycles.

Any advice on things to improve?

Last try. Higher value for specularity and for skin pore maps. Some minor tweaking to lights. Not happy at all with the result

Just some little touches and light tweaking. It seems that I´ve reached a point where is very hard for me to advance:

The thing is that I´ve lost some of the work made on the diffuse texture. I want to start making the clothes quickly.

This is my last test.

It will be more intimidating if you add some hair and scars into it.

My lack of knowledge of the cloth simulator has made this thing. I was trying to put him a basketball jersey but now it seems a nightgown. I have considered funny enough to share it.