The Last Patriarch (Novel Cover)

I just self-published my novel THE LAST PATRIARCH at I created the cover with Blender. You may be familiar with my thread in the Focused Critique Sectionbut now that it’s finished I thought I’d post it here so here it is. I love to hear feedback of all kinds and feel free to purchase the book too if you want :wink:

(Click for full HD images)
Both took a good while to render and made heavy use of the compositing nodes. If anyone’s interested I can try and neaten up my Node Screen to get pics of the final setups. I would do it anyway but they are pretty complicated so it would take some time to make it look not like a confusing mess so just let me know if you are interested in seeing them and I’ll see what I can do. There’s an early version of the setup for the front cover on my original thread somewhere to start with.


If anyone wants more information on the book or the movie production my blog is located here too:
Feedback on the images themselves is always welcome (Particularly the back cover which i somewhat rushed)

The only problem i see is its too cg looking. you should photoshop it to death so its more stylized and less 3d looking.

very nice looking!

-I suppose it would help if the sunlight was all pointing in the same direction lol. On one layer I have it coming in from the right, another on the left and the 3rd layer it comes in through the window straight toward the camera.

Here is the back cover with ray-traced light (It just finished rendering now -It took 31 hours:spin:)

The file is still open so I can make Node adjustments if anyone has any suggestions. Here’s a quick screencap of the Node Setup (I tried to organize it as best I could):