The Last Quagga

Hi all,

I made this a while ago for the GGJ. Kinda rough, but it may interest someone.

You play as the last Quagga, a now extinct animal that looks like half zebra half horse.

As you run forwards you need to stop half in the shadows to become invisible and no longer vulnerable to the predators.

A simple single button game that requires timing based skill.


Video of gameplay + timelapse making of here

Downloading :smiley:

EDIT: Very nice, But I get far and the farest I get the less score i get, andif i get at the first cocodrile I get 8k of score xD

I like it… very hard though

Yeah the score isn’t too clear - it’s based on the size of the green bar. The bigger, the higher the score.

ohh… i see :slight_smile:

But well very nice game and educative :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like this kind of game! No offense!