The Last Saltine

(TaylorR) #1

heyo there blenderinos, I usually never post, but hey I got a work in progress, Heh i figure i’ll have another go at game :), heh not much to say bout it, but how bout some pictures and a link :wink: <- heh monkey <- ouch! >:) <- ouch again! <- the zip

d/right click - shoot, arrowkeys/mouse - move, a- throw a dud gernade, f1- test menu

any comments would be appreciated, i hang in blenderchat or gameblender on irc if you got any q’s pertaining to the game

– peace–

(pofo) #2

:o Looks awesome. Gotta try it when I have the time.
I’m no game maker though, so don’t expect any constructive crits from me :wink: pofo