The Last Stan : Updated

There are many threads about new brand graphics and other GLSL stuffs…BUT what about completed games?

Here is a new game (almost finished) made with the BGE!

Link : build with shadows)

Link : (Windows build without shadows)

This is a Shoot Them All game, inspired of Space Invaders. You are a Yankee farmer, Stan, and you are attacked by aliens. You have to protect as long as possible your farm, even if it’s futile (this is an arcade game! you will lose anyway, but the goal is to make a maximum of points, and therefore to kill as many aliens as possible). To do so, Stan is using a special harvester (he is a crazy inventor) to collect animal from his farm and to use them as ammo for the canon of his harvester…

No GLSL needed.

Controls :

  • Up Arrow : Go forward
  • Down Arrow : Go Backward
  • Left Arrow : Turn left
  • Right Arrow : Turn left
  • Mouse : to control the canon
  • Left click : fire!
  • Right click : change type of ammo (you can either use the entire animal as one big ammo, or use small fleshes from it :smiley: )
  • Mouse wheel : Change current animal loadedWhat is you best score?

Have fun and good luck!


Screenshots? Sorry, I don’t have enough time to download right now.

Here is some screenshots


Very, very nice! Models are great, concept sounds cool. I will try and download later.
Is that your shadows method or the new realtime shadows?

The exe wont work for me = (

The console shows up and just disappears.

Looks fun though = )

Turin : Yes, I used m script for the shadows, that’s why it works without GLSL.

Venom : :S That’s pretty annoying. Which OS do you have?

Yes, looks very nice!
But, this 39MB file is for windows only?!

Yes this build is for windows.

I have uploaded a new version (see the link in my first post). It seems that some libraries were missing :smiley:

I’m a bit disappointed to see that people here care more about working on huge never finished game and awesome realtime graphics than on, maybe simpler, but completed game… :no:

I care about a finished game =D I’ll download in a bit, I’m using the web for uploading now. Looks good though. It’ll probably lag alot (your shadow projections runs slow on this comp)

wow looks totally awesome… dld right now :wink: edit… I like the cartoony modeling…!! I like the modeling… animations… but the controls and car movement need work… plus a target would be helpful… no idea where I’m aiming… I do love the cartoon detail of the houses and the ufo’s… it’s funny that you can shoot the alien at the aliens… oh yes and you could improve the particles…

I will try to improve the movement, particles and other things like adding sounds… For the aiming, I used to have a crosshair, but there is a problem when adding objects (ie, missiles)…coming from some conflicts between local and global velocity (I heard it was a bug…). I will probably put it back, so it will still be easier to aim :wink:

What was your best score? :slight_smile:

I would be very happy about a Version without shadows, my GPU is not the best one and the Game interests me.

But the Slideshow I get when trying to play looks nice :slight_smile:

Sure! I was planning to do so… I guess it would work on more computers!

I’ll download the game and give you my comments. The screenshots are really good by the way - games of this nature are really cool!

I’m currently working on the aiming : when the canon will be pointing on an ennemy, a cursor will appear above him. The player will then have a better idea where he is shooting.
I will update the file as soon as possible. I will upload a version without shadows in the mean time.

Welll…the sound,graphics…are pretty good…but the game was not so interesting…sorry if i didnt quite get your game…

Did you really play to this game? There is no sounds in it for now…Did you also read my first post to see the aim of the game and how to play? Basically, like most arcade game, the goal is to get the best score and as some Kill Them All game you have to shoot all ennemies. That’s not so complicated to understand, I guess… :eyebrowlift:
By the way, I saw that you are a newby down here, meaning that you have probably no idea of the work needed to obtain such a result (even if it doesn’t suit your tastes), so I don’t think your consrtuctive post was relevant.

I have updated the game with a new aiming system.
There are now indicators to see the direction pointed by the canon, and when aiming an enemy, a cursor show up above him. I have also modified some few things like difficulty, harvester movement…

I have also uploaded a similar version but without any shadows for better game experience.