The last stand- Photoshop painting!

Hello fellow Blenderers! I would love to share this piece with you…
Originally made for the Blizzard art contest before discovering that my country is not in the list:( …too bad! so I thought of posting it in forums to collect any usefull info and C&C…
This image took me 2 weeks ! using a simple Genius tablet.
story: an elven warrior stands brave and fights to the last breath, even when he is the last elf standing!

I hope you guys like it:) , and I’ll publish the high resol. image at my site soon…

A close-up:


not sure if you are still accepting C&Cs since you said the project is complete, but i feel you need to work on the lighting in order to add more drama to the scene. Right now it looks kinda bland. You should consider adding some rimlight, highlights, glow (to the thing in his right hand), and a bank of fog of some sort…

\sorry if i was too blunt, just trying to help.

Can you provide me with the high-res image and allow me to work on it for my own practice? (of course you will still have all the rights to the art)

Hello xiaxuele! I never stop accepting C&C, it’s good and important to know what’s wrong or missing in my work>>>that’s the best way to become a pro!
I agree with you, this piece still needs work, but I felt kinda bored since it’s not for any contest any more, but I sure will try and start working on it- and hopefully finish it!
as for the high-res you can view it here:

There’s alot of issues with this and just incase you have made progress on it since then i’ll just start with the proportions.

Heads up, i’m a beginner like yourself so take everything here with a grain of salt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to show you how to really define the lighting in this piece, but i absolutely blow with paintovers as much as i do when it comes to colouring within the lines.

Those books will teach you all this stuff better than i can.

great paintover sciboy. if not Jassar, then myself and others certainly appreciate the effort you’ve put in.

paintovers FTW!

the elf could have a chin ^^

Just make sure you study anatomy like the human skull etc. and work through Loomis or some other teachers books like Vilppu or Bridgman.

There’s worlds of stuff i missed in that little paint over.

Thanks sciboy! who said I will not appreciate your advice?:slight_smile: I admit i have a problem with human anatomy and proportion.
I must train my self harder :rolleyes:

well i wish you lots of good learning experience! :wink:

Well, it depend on what you want. he pose sciboy drew is a much more balanced one, which doesn’t have the feeling of the original one, tho yes, propotions need work, it’s a different pose telling a different story.

Actually i was trying to keep the pose in my paintover as similar to his while maintaining simplicity for the sake of proportions.
But to be honest both are really lacking in direction, i thought about doing a quick tutorial on poses through gestures but then i remembered that i’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I meant is that his pose is rather pulled back and defensive (or so I see it that way), probably due to unbalance while yours is aggressive. His has an I’m cornered and going to lose, but I’ll fight 'till I die, while yours has a well, you surprised me, but now I’ll just slice you to pieces and then I’ll just go home and watch south park :slight_smile:

Well, I’m glad you understood what I wanted by that pose:) , but sure enough it’s not perfect:o .

But to be honest both are really lacking in direction, i thought about doing a quick tutorial on poses through gestures but then i remembered that i’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, if you do a tutorial someday i’ll be the first to read it;)
>>>>I like where this thread is leading me:cool: