The Last Stand

Long time no blend!

This is a piece I have been picking away at for over a month. Originally, I had a few more ideas for it, but because of time constraints I decided to finish it up and post it :slight_smile:

“The Last Stand”

The hair was hand painted in photoshop, the rest is done in Blender. I probably could have done the hair again with the new additions to blender, but as I said, I wanted to get this finished up–and I already had the hair done.

Comments and constructive crits are welcome, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be working on this piece any more.

is that gandalf? vs aliens? lol cool idea, and nicely done

Cool, looks like a mix of the Matrix and Lord of the Rings!

hey nice composition
I like the scene, but I dont like the flying machines (even though they are well modelled).

Somehow, I feel that I had seen this picture before :-? I cant remember where

----Maybe you erased the file? No image can be seen. :frowning: