The last tree

This is a finished version of an old unfinished image… :slight_smile:

Each time I see one of your artwork, I realise that you seem to grasp some secret about blender lights that we do not… Seriously, what’s your secret ? :slight_smile:

Is it too much to ask if you could get us an insight on how do you light your scenes ? Any tips&tricks to share ?

Other than that it’s really well done and it isn’t taken too seriously, i like that :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that could be better is the soil, it hasn’t the same quality as the rest of the picture. It looks like a flat texture on a flat geometry when the rest just looks so detailed. But i’m just trying to find something to critic here :stuck_out_tongue:

Great image endi. Congratulations !

Great work. I love the style. Are those little floating robots like robotic chainsaws? (They’re cool.8)) I think it’d be even more poignant if there were a few petals still on the tree. (That’s just me, though…it looking almost dead works, too.) Awesome render.:smiley:


Very good work, great atmosphere and mood, like most of your pictures! :slight_smile:

Tudom hogy rég volt, de egyszer a design21-en írtad, hogy majd közzéteszel egy rövid leírást, vagy magát a file-t, hogy hogyan csinálsz fákat. Ugyanis nagyon érdekelne :slight_smile: Köszi!

great stuff, have always been a fan

Very nice image. I would defintly like to know how you did the tree. However, there is alot going on in the picture, and the eye is being moved all around.
What is supposed to be the center of focus, the tree or the ship? If it is the tree, may I sugest bluring the ship a little more?

It looks very 2D, like a very well drawn photoshop image.
I like it.

Well done endi!


Superb! It’s very Blade Runner-esque.

Do you mind sharing your method for texturing the tree? It’s so cool!

Absolutely stunning. Very well done.

I remember seeing a WIP for this months ago, if I remember…

Amazing work , dude. :slight_smile:

I love it. I don’t think it is too busy at all. First spaceship… 2 seconds of wow look at that… then the tree… old, not much to see here, then the robotic laser chainsaw drones… and a true LOL. Then the title makes sense.

Great work.

Seriously, what’s your secret ?


by any chance related to dist and gamma settings in area lamp?
if so, what are your rendertimes?
do you ever map gradients (colorband blends) to lamps?

I can relate to pic personally, since a new neighbour did a damage to one of my trees.

Wow, very nice work.


Very good image. I really like the design and modelling of the ship.

jaw dropping…

ah its good with all these new features to finish up some things that may have neded up deserted or unfinished by a roadblock. Great to see some more of your work, top notch as always! love the background mixing with middle/foreground, and your tree renders always rock =D



Seriously, what’s your secret ?

It seems many a time people have asked how endi does it, and he never explains. You are a wealth of knowledge endi. Share it. If you’re too humble, don’t be. And if you’re too proud, screw you.

Great work as always. Virtually flawless.

Thanks for the answers.
No secret. Simple lights, big Photoshop color correction… colorize, color curves etc…