The Late Night Drive~

It’s a new week for new renders!! This piece was really fun to work on especially because I wanted to focus on lighting and composition with a bit of modelling and texturing on the side.

Blender volumetrics really came in clutch this time since I wanted to achieve that hazy feel.
I’m in love with the reflections of the scene too but let me tell you, if you’re ever gonna render out Glass and Volumetrics then be prepared to wait hours to see your render.

The post-processing also played a huge role in the making of the piece, the sky, bloom and other colour grading effects really sold the overall picture as a whole.

This week was also the chance to showcase another country - try and guess the country that’s being represented in this week’s render🍺

Short modelling timelapse at the end for you to see a snippet of my workflow.

Tell me what you think about this render. I would love to hear your thoughts!! Until next time - stay inspired :fist_right::fist_right:

This Artwork was entirely:
-Modelled, textured and rendered using Blender 2.91.0
-Post-Processed using Adobe Photoshop 2021

Artwork by Wagmi (me :partying_face:)

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Cool work - thanks for sharing! And welcome to Blender Artists :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !!