The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations


(Zinogg) #191

so cool.

(Zinogg) #192

Daniel Strikes Again.

New Blender 2.8 Demo: Goodnight Claire
(0o00o0oo) #193

Wow, that’s fantastic. Looks great and and has a very visually compelling storytelling.

(rawalanche) #194

It’s cool, but painfully lacks motion blur. As a rule of thumb, whenever something has to look at least remotely realistic, it always needs to have motion blur if anything moves at all. Not sure if that’s Eevee limitation or he forget to turn it on, but no matter how realistic realtime art you make, if you don’t add motion blur, it will always end up looking like a footage from an older PC game.

(Lsscpp) #195

“great job Clement”

(noki paike) #196

masterly work, but also disturbing

(Ace Dragon) #197

Motion blur isn’t supported at the moment. It might come sometime soon though, as Clement has been putting a lot of work towards fixing issues as well as a few new features.

(Thornydre) #198

Don’t know if it related but the Velocity Pass is pretty much ready (even if not available yet) so maybe we can see motion blur coming soon indeed maybe :slight_smile:

(Zinogg) #199

EEVEE supports motion blur for camera view only at least for now, also motion blur adds up the render time.

(CarlG) #200

Isn’t Eevee fast enough to do temporal motion blur instead when it’s absolutely needed?

(Gilles Charbonneau) #201

Loving Eevee more and more, but it is slow compared to Unreal, I mean really slow, that walking character I posted took around 32 secs per frame to render on my GT 730, while I rendered an entire scene in Unreal at around 200 frames per minute, lets hope things get faster as it is developed!

Here is the demo scene I rendered in Unreal, I will try to export it to Eevee, might be fun!

(Zinogg) #202

i think it’s in the roadmap, not sure though.

(cet77) #203

I think the reason is mainly that a lot of shadows and light is already baked in unreal when you render. In eevee everything is calculated per frame… In that sense, it is more ‘realtime’ than unreal… :slight_smile: But of course that will also impact render speed… But baking light and shadowmaps with cycles first will speed things up afterwards…

(Pitiwazou) #204

Eevee is not really for real time so it will never be as fast as unreal or unity.

(Zinogg) #205

well until the Interactive Mode comes in, by then we’ll have real-time in eevee,of course it will not replace AAA game engines but it will be awesome to have it inside blender, i think it will even look better than unity and unreal in a way.

(0o00o0oo) #206

Do you know if that’s dynamically done? If so, I hope that’s a system implementable in EEVEE, that it’ll bake needed lights/shadows on render time. I would think that would speed up animation renders significantly.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #207

Eevee is supposed to be for real-time preview I believe, and for final render with better anti-aliasing, I believe that the developers will come with cleaver ways to make it faster, like baking at render time, at least I hope, because as it is I just might switch to Unreal as my main render, the sequencer is just too good to pass to be honest!

(Pitiwazou) #208

Clément said it will not be as fast as unreal and it’s not the goal.

If you are interested you can check the questions we posted on this doc. (English at the bottom)

And the roadmap.

(cet77) #209

I don’t know if that’s planned when it comes to that to be honest… We’ll see. Already i feel it’s pretty fast… I’ve already been using it in my projects… :slight_smile:

(Gilles Charbonneau) #210

No need for it to be as fast as Unreal, but it should be real-time, as advertised, but it is way to early to complain about speed, its not even beta yet!