The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations


(MadeWithFeet) #211

Played a bit with Eevee for pre visualization… Damn, it’s hard to go back to 2.79 cycle preview after…

(Renzatic) #212

In context, realtime could be 5FPS in heavy scenes.

Eevee will likely never be as fast as UE4 even fully tweaked, simply because it’s not a game engine, built with the variety of performance saving features like tessellation, draw distances, draw cells, BSP, and the like that come standard in most realtime game packages. Eevee is meant primarily to produce nice pictures and animations, an alternate to cycles. All those nice features listed above are an aside to what it’s meant to do.

(CarlG) #213

I would say it like this: Eevee is meant primarily to produce nice pictures and animations, as an alternative to Cycles when time restraints forces you have to rely on game engine cheats rather than brute force.

I’ve done a couple of Eevee things at work, and (when it works without issues) it’s perfectly capable of doing what we need it to do. Although, I much prefer the quality output of Cycles.

(Renzatic) #214

You can actually get dangerously close to the quality of output you’d see in Cycles inside of Eevee, you just have to be much, much more deliberate about things to achieve it.

(drgci) #215

The majority of user will never notice the difference Between eevee and cycles
Eevee is very advanced pbr real-time engine

(dr_after) #216

I played with Eevee to make some kind of intro for live concert of Red Emprez band. I like it so far! :slight_smile:

It’s “Stranger Things” style intro, still in works (I will add particles to that) :slight_smile:

(drgci) #217

(Thinking Polygons) #218

(Blenderer) #219

bwuhahah! Great stuff :slight_smile:

(Ace Dragon) #220

Even at this stage, the stuff you can make with Eevee is already at or above the quality you see in many CG children’s shows on American TV (as this short proves).

2.8 really is poised to open the gates for democratized animation, but at the cost of creating a new challenge which is how to make your animation stand out.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #221

Testing Reallusion Character Creator 3 models in Eevee, not bad I would say, even the facial shape keys transferred no problems!

(Gilles Charbonneau) #222

Same with full clothing, Eevee is awesome!

(Geographic) #223

Well I assume eevee will be part of the game engine so i rather think it depends on what you would like to enable in the shaders, and how detailistic the textures and models are. As well its just shaders and 3d graphics cards, so lets assume a good game design on armory and eevee achieves 25fps or so.

(Lsscpp) #224

What?! Hasn’t Armory its own renderer?

(Zinogg) #225

(dr_after) #226

I converted Blender Cycles scene to Eevee in just a couple of minutes:

  1. Cycles scene

  1. Eevee Scene

Conversion tutorial:

(drgci) #227


(cekuhnen) #228

ha awesome! I have the scene too.
so you do not use the irradiance volume probe?

(polygonsoul) #229

Animation test:

(0o00o0oo) #230

Looks great! Though the flickering though… makes it not ideal for use in animation. =/