The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations


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Nope. I wasn’t going for a crowd though, just stress testing. I could make 10 instances of him and offset those and drive it that way, or fiddle with animation nodes which might help, but currently there is no offset that I am aware of. I did the offset trick on a flock of flying birds we created for a movie… I just animated 20 variations on the flap cycle including random glides and that did the trick.

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Of course. Thanks. Was just curious if that feature was built in to that tool. I was looking and couldn’t find it. Nice test!

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With 2.8 getting a bit more stable and usable now, Eevee demos are starting to trickle in once again.

More or less, an ultra-fast timelapse from 2.8 being opened to the final animation.

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New video from YouTube, Catwomen in her super suit.

The video goes to painting in Blender 2.79 after the initial montage, but it later goes back to working with Eevee in 2.8.

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Sci-Fi Hovering Truck with moving parts.

There’s actually two of them, the actual animation ends halfway through and followed by previews of the guy’s other 2.8 animations.

(Geographic) #72

A test render using Eevee, to be honest, there are a few problem areas, essentially reflection shaders metal and glass, despite i used a light probe this seems a bit complex (do some maybe know good articles about it ?).
Also noted (maybe because of beta) that sometimes the working shader view looked better than the render (whee glass got a lot brighter, essentially the nodes gave a different result there). But I’m not sure yet of how to get good looking glass ( it seems near impossible in Eevee).

An older render in cycles, before i made the kitchen changes
I created the gas cooker closet for real with wood for my gf, the video showed my design id for it to her.
(the round metal handlers where not planned yet back then).
I like to make my own furniture, so much rewarding to get unique styles and not standard stuff.

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OH MA GOD! Thanks for posting that! I hadn’t seen it yet. Man, this looks really really great. Emiliano is so super talented. Man, this really shows how good Eevee can look. Really outstanding. I’d love to know more about the production. How long were the render times (how close to real time was it)? How much compositing was done (or was it all in camera)? How long did it take to complete the project? This is a pretty compelling argument for Blender.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more Eevee character work.

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A more unusual use of Eevee has surfaced, creating a scene using its NPR shading abilities and then drawing sketch lines on top using the functionality in the Grease Pencil Branch.

Stuff like this should become possible very soon (due to the Monday meeting calling the merge imminent).

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Good lord. Jaw dropping. I wonder how he did the lens smear, as it was timed so well with whenever light was shining in strongly.

(Geographic) #77

Did another Eevee exercise, going for realism.
As the object had no glass so it was possible to use Eevee.
its a cheap Furibee F36 drone

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Nice!! Grease pencil strokes are resolution independent, right? So that’s is even going to make animating on 3d models dope. I cannot help thinking of the possibilities this brings for vfx and 2d animation.

This is even better than meander that Disney uses.

This is going to be awesome!!!

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Someone just did a Blade-Runner styled animation of a flying car coming to a stop.

It looks to me that temporal stability is improving at least, a few breaks in the volumetric beams yet, but many things are just trickier to do using fast raster techniques.

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Many Grease Pencil animations will start appearing surely. Do you think that a new thread would be necessary? Or just rename this and share GP animations here too? I would opt for the latter, because Eevee and GP can be used at the same time in some videos. My suggested thread name:
“The latest in Eevee and GP demos and animations”
Here one short but cool, by Victor Estivador Youtube user (Although this is not entirely done in Blender)

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Done. I was debating with myself on whether to start a new thread due to the current forum rules, but the mixing possibility (and the fact that 2.8 is the first version with serious 2D animation capabilities) was a good argument otherwise.

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Great! Thanks.

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This is kinda cool

BUT now I can see that the greasy pencil interface is really counter-intuitive, cuz of the topbar. The mixed workflow between the properties editor and the topbar is really bad. All the stuff should be available in the properties editor.

The top bar as a place for settings is the weak spot of 2.8. :frowning:

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here is some horse animation