The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations



(English is not my native language) #88

What a combination here! Background image as plane, 3D mesh, Eevee, 2D Grease Pencil on 3D Surface and Scene. Video by “carlos del olmo” YouTube user.

(drgci) #89

for animation blender 2.8 is in good position ,very stable and eevee give excellent results,
i cant wait for modifiers come back with full glory

(Ace Dragon) #90

We Bare Bears in Eevee (the title is the name of a cartoon).

From Nita Ravalji

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #91

(Ace Dragon) #92

Alien Tunnel animation, you actually travel a bit in this one.

Meanwhile, others are exploring new Grease Pencil features in development such as armatures.

(Ace Dragon) #93

Animated panel of a mountain climber

This shows off a bit more of the process than the last one, with layers revealing everything from the base animatic to a (nearly) final frame.

(Ace Dragon) #94

Someone recently went through the entire movie making process with Eevee,

It’s not that complex from a technical standpoint, but the visuals are smooth without any noise whatsoever.

(English is not my native language) #95

More Eevee animations.
By “Pengyu” youtube user:

By Leonardo Braz youtube user:

(Ace Dragon) #96

You forgot this one from Charlie Studio (which also came in today).

2.8 Eevee animations have gone from a curiosity to decent and now to jaw-dropping (all that’s really needed now for the official release is improved temporal stability).

Tree Creature is getting a run for its money now.


Sorry if this feels like self advertising (It is!) But since I finished this short animation created in Eevee, I thought it might as well be posted here. Enjoy!

(Ace Dragon) #98

Mother and daughter in a kitchen (brief animation and workflow by MFS Junior 3D).

(el mellali) #101

(Arindam) #102

Jama’s brilliance shines again! … :heart:

Artists like him may inspire a lot “in the industry” to gain more momentum and rolling, and to reach a much bigger critical mass.

(David) #103

This guy is an alien o_o amazing skills

(SterlingRoth) #104

Here is a quick one I did, simply importing a cycles scene I made a while ago:

(Lsscpp) #105

Awesome! Who needs modeling anymore??

(0o00o0oo) #106

Wow, this is really smart. It’s kind of obvious looking at it, but outside of animation, Grease Pencil offers the benefit of drawing in 3D space, which makes sense.

Come to think of it, this is kind of like drawing in VR, except being done with mouse and keyboard on a flat monitor. Grease Pencil in VR could be killer. And with its animation and sculpting tools, I know it would be a killer. Perhaps that’s already something the developers want to support one day soon.


Whoa! That’s awesome! Seeing stuff like this makes me realize how boxed in I am as an artist. I forget about all the possibilities that exists when it comes to art and how to create it.

Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see someone make animations using techniques like this!

(Arindam) #108

That was my exact same thought while posting it! haha… :smile:

Jama himself quite a fond of using VR in his workflow (and probably a heavy user too), along with Daniel Martinez Lara’s foresight of the enormous potential of VR in 2D/3D animation, I think BF may have already mulled to take some steps in that direction.

Allegorithmic guys came down here from Paris to show their upcoming product Substance-Alchemist, and they were equally exicted to show how successfully they have implemented VR in most of their Painter workflow.

And honestly I can’t wait too to have VR in everything I do inside Blender, and I think… it could be little less tiring to do the rigging/skinning stuff as well. Plus the advantage of standing up, doing a little dance (once in a while :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and jogging on the treadmill for long hours or as long as I want to keep doing my work and in the flow to avoid the sedentary lifestyle. It’s totally a win-win situation. :wink: