The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations



Whoa! That’s awesome! Seeing stuff like this makes me realize how boxed in I am as an artist. I forget about all the possibilities that exists when it comes to art and how to create it.

Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see someone make animations using techniques like this!

(Arindam) #108

That was my exact same thought while posting it! haha… :smile:

Jama himself quite a fond of using VR in his workflow (and probably a heavy user too), along with Daniel Martinez Lara’s foresight of the enormous potential of VR in 2D/3D animation, I think BF may have already mulled to take some steps in that direction.

Allegorithmic guys came down here from Paris to show their upcoming product Substance-Alchemist, and they were equally exicted to show how successfully they have implemented VR in most of their Painter workflow.

And honestly I can’t wait too to have VR in everything I do inside Blender, and I think… it could be little less tiring to do the rigging/skinning stuff as well. Plus the advantage of standing up, doing a little dance (once in a while :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and jogging on the treadmill for long hours or as long as I want to keep doing my work and in the flow to avoid the sedentary lifestyle. It’s totally a win-win situation. :wink:

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Blender 2.8 now just needs an intelligent sketch-to-mesh converter and CG professionals just might start seeing the BF as an innovator :sunglasses:

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Blender in VR could be quite useful. The only thing I’ve found lacking with VR art creation so far is the inexact nature of drawing in 3D space, which I guess with Blender could be remedied with snapping and axis-locking. Another negative is that we lose is the whole host of keyboard shortcuts that are intuitive to access with a physical keyboard. But if these usability issues are worked out, I could see working in VR for 3D production being a dream. (At least, of course, until we get true holographic technology)

That would be awesome.

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Motion Graphics from Fracteed (the mesh was an import from Houdini, but Eevee is the render engine).

The list of reasons to purchase Cinema 4D continues to get smaller.

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A demo on glass shader for Eevee

(Thinking Polygons) #113

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Let me spin that around

Now, if only C4D users could learn Blender. Everything would be different :weary:

We would certainly have less C4D biased praise and comparisons in this forum. C4D is not everything or relevant to everyone.

Back on topic, nice eevee experiment I saw today on twitter

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Lots of inspiring stuff. Lots to learn. Hi every one

My initial grease pencil addition. Learned a lot. (Ideas section was external software, weird fps)

(Romanji) #116

I did. And it did wonders to me.
Like a dark fog was lifted from my soul, i was able to not only learn Blender but also: Linux, Substance D+P, Krita, Nuke, Fusion, Resolve, Houdini (i am still on it and learning).
C4d is easy, too easy. It makes you lazy and content with low quality.

Back to topic. Nobody posted this yet:

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I think this was posted back in the mega thread in the earlier days. It’s fantastic work.

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Here I made a video for smoke simulation in Eevee, from an old file that I had about a youtube Ink drop tutorial for Cycles:

(0o00o0oo) #120

Great test! Is it possible to push the quality even further? Right now, there is still the “grid” artifacting in the thinner areas of the smoke that are visually distracting.

I’m hoping that’s not a limitation of Eevee.

(English is not my native language) #121

Some of the artifacts are by Smoke simulation itself, not an Eevee problem. There are some reports on the respect, and apparently it is not so visible with a good configuration:

Anyway, I’m somewhat lazy and do not have the patience to do several tests with different configurations of Smoke simulation at high resolution, taking them several hours of processing. Perhaps if it were possible, Blender should have a better default setting in Smoke simulation values to avoid those artifacts.

About eevee quality, 2px Tile Size in Volumetric item for Eevee is very hard processing at least on my machine and gpu, it practically blocks my system. So I render with 4px
I have done another test and in my case those artifacts are generated mainly by Adaptive Domain. Probably bad configuration on my part.

(0o00o0oo) #122

Thanks for the explanation. I was merely curious whether the artifacting is the smoke sim problem or an Eevee problem. Good to know it’s not Eevee, because I’m hoping to be able to use it for quick VFX elements. Yeah, a good default setting to avoid artifacts would be great.

(melvi) #123

Eevee is really cool. My latest work with it. Manuel bastion addon used for base model of characters ;- )

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Not strictly just Eevee / Grease Pencil, but here’s a development demonstration of using Grease Pencil in VR:

(0o00o0oo) #125

Also, @Jama_Jurabaev turned a Grease Pencil drawing into 3D mesh. Not entirely sure how, but some cool wizardry happening here.

(sozap) #126

I guess it’s the grease pencil converted to a bezier curve, then some sculpting/retopo on top of that ? Pretty nice trick anyway !

(Arindam) #127

It’s like… (according to what Jama says in one of his comments)

GP Stroke -> Bezier Curve (with Line Stroke disabled)
-> Copy this B-Curve -> Paste it in 2.79 instance [Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V works]
-> Add some needed parameters to make it like tubes
-> Convert into Mesh Object
-> Import this in Zbrush and run Zremesher
-> Sculpt it to add the finer details (if required)
-> Import back into Blender with the simplified topology.