The latest of my works

Hi there,

Here, my latest works :










Hi! pretty good I say! Can You give me advice? How did you make those strings on the guitars? thanks

Good stuff mate! :yes:

4 stars because of lack of tutorials or making-of. :evilgrin:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Selrond, to make strings, you can used a Bezier curve for the path of the string. Then, to have a string shape, go in the curve panel/shape : uncheck “Front” and “Back”, in the same panel > Geometry menu : increase Bevel > Depth and Bevel > Resolution. that’s all.

Carrozza, Thanks. There, you can see a video making-of for one of the characters :D:

Wow, that stuff is amazing!

renaming the thread to “the latest of my works” would be better :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa :slight_smile:

I renamed it.

Some other works from the last two weeks :


lot of good stuff here!

Well done on the skin shader!

Really nice work. The really tall head with the flat top really jumps out for me. I’m not sure if latex is the feel you were going for, but it looks like a really high-end latex mask.

Fine work, very skilled!

Nice work, thanks for nice sharing, really good work.