The Laughing Man, But how do I finish?!

Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to make the image of the Laughing Man, so I started out by hand tracing it with verticies, but I don’t know how to fill it! Here is a picture of what I’ve done, and what it might look like when it’s done.

(Without the Phrase around the picture)

I apologize for the pictures, It’s late and they’re all wigged out, if you just click on it, you can get the idea. Thanks!


You know, there are search engines, and it is enough, if you post only in one place at this forum. This is the right section.

Sorry, I really did look, I guess I just didn’t look in the right places. The wiki is great, thanks!

I some what followed the instructions from wiki, and was able to create the final image in my first post. Thanks for the help!