The Legend Of Zelda

Soo, after a hefty post production I can finally anounce my Zelda scene finished. So here it is.

Feel free to comment it. I might do other scenes, but at the moment I am putting this project on the side for a while.

hey, not bad at all… I especially like because it’s really a whole scene… not too much of those around here…

I dont know much about zelda, except that it’s a sort of nintendo game? so I cannont comment on that side… but… I like the pose of the male, and horse looks great too… the red color suits him.

oh, what are those white flying things?

It doesn’t really have that Zelda feel, and some woman stole Zelda’s clothes!

But I like the rest though.

hey, i’ve never got replies this fast :smiley:

Basse: Thanks. For the zelda info Id say
Those little white balls are fairies

Timothy_L: Well, as Zelda IS female, I see no harm in some lady nicking her clothes.

Are you kidding me? It REALLY has the Zelda “feel” all over it.

There are a couple of nit-picking in the area

  1. Link’s knees looks somewhat pointy and has a “stray-bone”
    going downwards…that looks odd.

  2. Zelda’s dress is modelled in such a way that it looks like she has HUGE bicepts…now that’s not good is it? Unless she’s been on steroids for the last 6 months.

  3. The high-detail poly that you’re obviously aiming for somewhat dictates that you shouldn’t go for “video-game-sony-trinitron-television” colors…in mortal words…“It’s WAY oversaturated!”.

  4. The grass looks painted on…too different from the scene otherwise.

  5. What’s with the “White-daemon” spot in the middle of the tree?
    it looks like it’s missing a piece :slight_smile:

Anyway, awesome work…a LOT of work…now…don’t give it up yet, perfect it!


I realy love the texture of the tree on Link’s right. It’s not very realistic, but it has something very intersting in it.
Keep up.

I almost forgot to post this one, it’s the same scene without post pro. The biggest change is obviously the colorization and the grass.

The fairies need the colored lightsaber-esque field around them. link’s is blue, i believe. Make his knees a little thicker, and make Zelda’s body much smaller and her head much larger, cus she simply looks fat right now. on the plus side, Epona is PERFECT. keep it up!

Link is awesome!

Epona has good muscle definition, but I think the snout is a little bit “piggish”.

Princess Zelda looks like an anemic male elf. Try reducing the bicep size and maybe, I dont know, there is just something strange about her.

Navi is very good. Looks like the ones from the game.

Besides Zelda’s massive biceps it looks extremely good. The texturing and clothing are remarkable. Very Nice Work.

Great picture of the greatest game of all time.

Nice scene, but as I mentioned back in the WIP thread, I still think that Link’s thighs look too inflated. Same problem with Zelda, as has been mentioned. Epona looks great by the way.

Avarything but the bark’s too smooth, but it looks really nice otherwise. I love link’s pose.

Please make Link’s legs smaller and zelda’s arm thinner, Please!

The tree textures stand out too much, you should use something a bit simpler to match the rest of the environment.

Overall I think you’ve done a very good job, but just fix link’s legs and Zelda’s arm.

What draws my eye away, consistently, is the horse. He is relatively dark and his skin is low-contrast, creating the tendency for his hindquarters and legs to vanish into the backdrop. I suggest that he be painted differently; more like the other two characters were. (Those guys have no problems at all stepping out of the background.)

The center character’s eyes and face are a little bit in shadow, with no catch-lights in the eyes. We really need to see what he’s looking at. The artistic decision to have the third character looking straight at the camera is a fun one.

I’m interpreting the style as “these are plastic dolls that came alive,” and I like it.

first of all, thank you from the replies everyone. Really apriciated.

Some overall replies:
Link is the charcter in which I am most pleased. He came out exactly as I wanted him. only thing is that I really need to work with his riggin a bit.

Zelda is actually pretty quickly done, after the feedback from you I’ve decided to model her body from scratch.

Epona was problematic character due to the fact I don’t know much about horses. But After I showd my first draft to my sister I managed to correct him to state he is now. He looked like a pig, my sister said, and I corrected his head acording to her advices.

just a vertex with halo material, slapped together with alpha mapped plane. :smiley:

yup… could use one more bumpmap material.

It’s the tree trunk, that casts shadow on the horses body. But I could have used small amount of emit in the material. Agreed.

in my original larger render there was no shadow problem with the eyes, they were quite visible.

I think that pretty much wraps these comments.

Very well done Hippie :slight_smile:
It would be nice to see these characters in other scenes and situations.