The Let's Play Thread

This thread, however, is for discussion of Let’s Play techniques and questions in general. Ask away and get answers from me or others as to how to improve, and or, start a channel, etc.!

Hey everyone! I have decided to start a channel on Youtube for Let’s Plays and I posted my first videos yesterday. I wanted to know what is good, bad, and ultimately how they could be improved. I would greatly appreciate it! (:

The Channel:

Does anyone else do let’s plays?(:

I do Let’s Plays of Minecraft :slight_smile: My channel’s at

Some things about your vid: Sounds like you’ve got a proper microphone, that’s good. You sound mature, so that’s good as well. However, the balance between voice-over and gamesound is a bit off, the voice is not loud enough. What often helps is if your software has an option called ducking, to turn that on. It will drop the sound level of the gamesound a bit when you’re talking. Also, sometimes your voice-over sounds a bit too acted or like you don’t really know what to say. It doesn’t sound like your real reaction to the game. Maybe because you’re too busy thinking about the recording, and trying to think of what to say, that you don’t experience the game completely.

Additionally, I’d like to say, see if you can edit the video a bit. The whole loading screen isn’t entertaining, you could simply get rid of it completely. Of course Minecraft is quite a different game then this one, but I edit out a lot, I can have 2 hours of footage and make a 20 minute episode of that.

I also record my voice-over last, never while I’m playing. This gives me a lot more freedom, like I can foreshadow things that will happen later in the episode. And I don’t really run out of things to say, because I have more time to think about it, and it avoids the risk of using the same words too many times. Again, this may be a bit harder to do on games like this, where the actual reactions are more entertaining.

But almost every Let’s Player’s first few videos aren’t 100% good. It’s something new you’re trying, you have yet to find your own style, you’re not used to the whole recording situation. You will improve over time. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps you a bit.

I’ve actually been considering doing Minecraft Let’s Plays as well - I’ve been watching Etho’s Minecraft videos a lot in the past few weeks, and it’s rekindled my interest in creating Let’s Plays. Looks like a lot of fun :smiley: I actually started recording one, have 3 episodes ready, though I’m still figuring out what I can do better… not to mention I’m recording in Linux, which has it’s own quirks and setbacks, but so far it’s going more-or-less well. Just the file-sizes I’m worried about :wink: 3-6GB for one hour of 720p footage.

Haven’t yet watched your video, spaceplane, so I can’t comment on anything just yet :wink:

I do let’s play… but yeah just basically trying to figure out how I stick out amongst others. It’s sad… because I’ll go for months without getting a subscriber or comment.

Yeah, it’s hard to get noticed. But hey, you’ve got more than me already :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re going to do let’s plays then do them in a different way than others. If you’re having trouble standing out the thousands of others, then you might not be different enough.
I searched youtube for slender let’s plays and got 65600 results!
Good luck with your channels hahahaha. ( sorry for that )

Also people don’t care about the game , they care about being entertained, you have to bring something to the table.
You can’t just upload generic gameplay footage and expect to be appreciated.

Yeah I have respect for those uploaders just because of the hard drive space/editing/rendering they are putting aside week in, week out O.O That’s nuts. I love Minecraft though, hosting a server was taking over my life I had to quit doing it.

A bit off topic but any mc fan should check this out (: Video of my ever growing town.

Thank you everyone! I took into account what you all said and also started advertising the channel. I lowered game sounds, tried to be more dynamic with the commentary, and become immersed in the game. I also edited the clip more and started to polish and edit out unneeded parts.

It is part 2 of a series playing Bioshock 2.

@FoundationofPause - that is a cool looking city!

@nemoDaedalus - Thank you for the wonderful tips! (:

@McBuff - I see what you mean. Thank you!

@Kelly87 - Just keep going! I subscribed to you. Try turning down the game volume a little though and I think it would help alot!

Does Fraps have a ducking feature?

I don’t use Fraps, but see , it might help you :slight_smile:

Cool! (: I figured out a way to use Audicity to record sound from the mic, a camera for a facecam, and then Fraps for the game and sound. I then use Hitfilm to edit all three together and create a full, completed youtube video(:

Audicity - Voice recording

Fraps - Game Recording

Video Camera - Face Recording / Reaction Cam

Hitfilm - Editing Software

I updarted the first post with a new video demonstrating these and have, with alot of luck, reached 237 subscribers(:

It is really just a matter of trial and error. i have recorded around 32 videos and have only put up 8. It takes alot of time >.<