The light is not working...

could someone help me? I was testing the engine, but when I press p and play the game, there is only one small spot of light … I’m using a spot, but I already checked that it reaches the ground and that it is big enough…
also when I try to make the ball jump it just keeps jumping or going up… does someone knows how to fix this problems?
I’m using the engine alone, I don’t know how to use scripts or anything complex…

Scripts? That has nothing to do with lighting.

The BGE is not a raytracer. Do not expect everything looks like pressing F12 but in realtime.

The BGE lighting lights the vertices of the meshes only. The faces between the vertices are shaded by a shading method (etc. Phong, Gouraud) but I assume it is simple flat shading.

As your spot light is illuminating only a few vertices, your render looks that awfull.

You can came around that with GLSL. It supports a better schading for spot lights incl. shadows. But I do not Have GLSL support, you I can’t help you with that.

If you do not have GLSL support either, you need to add more vertices (which might hit performance) or make a better scene lighting.