The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Wow, its been a long time since I posted here! I havn’t really worked very much with Blender for quite a while now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if none of you remembered me (did a StarGate a while back), but anyways, recently I decided to make a model of the Lighthouse of Alexandria for a presentation on the Seven Wonders that is fast approaching. This was done in just several hours to give the audience an idea of what the lighthouse might have looked like in true 3D, so i was not aiming for realism here, I just wanted to make a simple and quick illustration, that I could include in powerpoint (with the help of thoro’s ingenious 3DNP that is). So regardless, here is what I have come up with after several hours of blending over the weekend.

The main image is here

There are two other shots here and here.



Fantastic texturing work. It’s so good that it really deserves to be in a full scene.

i agree! very good texturing

hmmm, modelled a little brick wall…with a lot of separate bricks, wouldn’t dare to do that at this scale:P great work

I hope you realise he did NOT model every brick. He simply applied an image texture to a flat surface.

Great job Lando! I do agree this would look awesome in a scene. Maybe have a sunset scene over the water with the light on.

Yes, a scene would be nice, but terrains in blender are pretty hard to get looking realistic for me, but then again, last time I tried was a long time ago. The lighthouse stood on a small island (which it pretty much covered the whole of) called Pharos, so I might try to model the island and some basic water if I have time over the weekend. Thank you all for your comments, there may be an update soon, but no promises.

I didn’t model every brick of course, kept it relatively simple at 276,670 faces. Here is an image of the model in the Blender opengl window.



Looks good, but I think there is to much specular on bricks.

nice model! how did you make the fire/light?

grzybu: The blocks used to construct the Pharos were a marble and were fitted with lead mortar. But it fell almost a thousand years ago, so I don’t really know how much is too much ect. Abviously, this model displays some wear, which is because it was several centuries after it was built before it began to be used as a lighthouse. Originally it was just a navigational landmark, and a statue of Poseidon was placed where later they lit the fire or, in the daytime, placed a mirror. However, I will mess with the spec values some more just to see how the result changes.

Jassar: The fire was achieved through particles. I was trying to decide whether to use the former or RobertT’s mesh fire method, but particles eventually won through because I wanted something easily animatable, even though the chances are slim that I ever will produce an animation with this model. I used a method very similar to the “Campfire” example on this page (not the first one, the one further down the page), which is where I got the idea of doing fire with particles like this. It basicly uses two emitters, one for the flickering flame itself, and another for the reddish glow/smoke. Its a very effective method and the best solution I’ve found that uses particles.



Yeah [email protected] I know it’s a texture, I was just trying to imagine what it would be like to model each brick at this scale, I might be a noob but I did realise that it’s a texture.

Lando: seems like everyone wants a scene,… me too:P

Impressive, my only crit is that the bricks are way too big in proportion to the steps unless your intention was to have huge stones instead of bricks, but then again why would one use a brick texture if that was the case? Nonetheless the model is quite nice.

Not that anyone would bother but I wonder how succesfull a brick wall made with the array mod would be? Using some arrays of arrays made real may give you more detail for mortar and bevels but of course kill render times! Who says OPTIMISE around here :wink: