The Line

A small project I’ve been doing in my spare time.
Textures from
The grass was made with Graswald, a great addon created by Julius Harling.
Made with Blender and rendered with cycles.
Postpro in Blender.
40 minutes with a 1080.
Feel free to comment and share.


You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

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So simple yet so amazing! Great storytelling and feeling!

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Thanks Bart!

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thanks Katanius! appreciate the feedback.

Lovely. Has a similar atmosphere to some of the works of Simon Stålenhag

My one crit is that it feels like the grass just, uh, stops just beyond the edge of the structure.

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Yes, you’re right. If I ever made another hill again will try to keep that in mind and find the way to avoid that kind of feel. Because it’s just an inclined plane so you are correct.